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Grand daddy purple grown in 3 gallon fabric pot outdoors, few questions , bending branches etc looks like it will be a stunted version which I kinda expected. Center of one section looks very pale. Can she still bloom and perform being smaller. First timer. Thanks 20210802_124321.jpg20210802_124345.jpg


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Looks like one side branch gone missin.

Overall , setup looks ok. I would just let it continue to strengthen and not get too heavy handed. Micro growth in middle ( tiny leaf ) can be removed or just let grow since it is now facing upwards.


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Yeah, it’ll flower just fine if you take good care of her. You may run out of time though depending on where you’re at. Here is a GDP I’ve got going that is on day 57 today, and still has at least 4 weeks to go I think. So you may be looking at 12 weeks flowering once it starts. A hell of a lot longer than the 9 weeks the breeder stated.4D97CF6D-1D6C-4DD5-B532-A66FD44B98A0.jpeg