Two strains in one tank


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Ive probably done 6 or 7 DWCs and ive always had good results. What is clear is that different strains have different nute demands, some get burned over 1000ppm, some can take a shitload and go up to 1400, some like more of this/less of that etc...For my next run im gonna have 2 different strains and im wondering if i should keep them in separate buckets because of the potential differences in nute demands. What works for one might not necessarily work for the other...
Whaddya reckon?


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and try to do all of similar strains if possible. doing 2 sativas and 2 indicas would be much harder. good luck!

i get burned out smoking only 1 strain at a time so it works good for me. i'm doing 2 different in coco right now.


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very good point - i'd only do it with reputable feminized plants.
And also try and stick to simmilar plants, like a leggy sativa and a small indica/hash plant would be a big problem keeping the canopy even and the light at a height that would benefit both.


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Just to make life a bit easier, just one tank to measure/adjust etc...
yeah it makes life a bit easier i guess until you run into problems and tbh i can see a plethora of problems that can arise from having 2 plants in one bucket.

in all fairness i dont do hydro but if not from clones of the same strains i just would go with 2 buckets and feed them what they want, harvest when each of them is at perfect ripeness and get bigger plants and better yields in the end. my cents.