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Those are some bomb looking plants! Con
Recently harvested three Bag of Oranges and thought they were worth sharing.
They're all very resinous, very colorful, and unmistakably smelled like oranges.
I won these seeds here on the forum, so I have @JBCSeeds & @Useful Seeds, to thank for these beauties.

Bag of Oranges #2
View attachment 5066256

Bag of Oranges #3
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Bag of Oranges #4
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Those are some bomb plants! Congrats


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BooPr S1
Bag of Oranges x Panama Red
Given as freebies from Useful, grown by Anonymous..

A little fasciation going on w/ this spicy orange ..View attachment 5068566
Oh yeah, that’s mighty fine looking! Probably will have three BooPr’s in my 2022 outdoor grow. We had an extremely hot summer last year and looks like 2022 will be too. Fingers crossed they do well!
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