Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!


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OMG, major senior moment. 5 pm and I'm just getti8ng out of bed. It seems I have been taking the wrong pills all day. Instead of my pain meds, I have been taking xanax all day. 3 of them. I normally only take 1 at bedtime.

I was sooooooo tired, and couldn't understand why. I jut couldn't get going and kept gravitating back to my bed.

Some people will do anything to get out of removing laminate flooring :lol: Maybe a shower will help!


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Same. Goal is drainage in by winter. I don't have issues with water till spring thaw. I'm also not getting the "I need it done now" price this way.
You and me both. Fortunately my issues are not dire....The toilet is flushing and the basement is dry.

I called a couple contractor buddies....both are swamped, and the one told me he won't work cheap anymore because there's just too much work to pick and choose from. BUT he hooked me up with an excavator rental. For $900 plus trucking they will deliver me a full size, smaller excavator, for 7 days! My other buddy is an operator and owns a small dump truck, So hoping to fix my septic, add new foundation perimeter drainage all around the exterior of the house, and remove 2 large sets of concrete steps, that have seen better days. Plus a few drainage ditches need to be cleaned up.

I'm hoping I can do the whole job for under 5k, with new steps, etc. and MAYBE have a dry basement ALL the time.


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I would think an MRI would show more, but that's a big waiting list.

I'm getting bitched at for not going so I'm gonna do it to shut them up.
The normal routine here is an ex-ray (totally worthless 99.9% of the time) then they will order PT...which will fix it 99% of the time, but if it doesn't THEN you get an MRI.

You most likely need to strengthen your shoulder.

My one buddy, who is 35 y.o., had the same recurring shoulder injury, over and over. I kept trying to get him to do the PT stretches with a band for the shoulder...I had rotator cuff and dislocated shoulders so I know the drill. Nope, he wouldn't listen...until a doctor told him to do it. He's all good now from a little PT.

I hope that's all it is anyways!! I know shoulder pain sucks badly!!!

A bike ride does sound pretty good...oh shit, my battery is low :(