What are you smoking today?


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What company makes that strain? Looks fire
Fire and a beautiful plant throughout the grow. Highly recommend if you like to make any kind of concentrate. It easily became a keeper for me. It reminds me of Afghani got smothered in tropical cookie dough then splashed with a little rocket fuel. The high is very relieving to nerve and muscle pain yet social and very uplifting.
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Kongs Krush by green house seeds. Time and time again need to burp jar make sure stays mold free, see if it still reaks like creamy fruit candy notes after the cure. Smoke a nug.

Creamy fruit banana inhale creamy fruit banana funk exhale. For a dabs only guy lately it packs a punch.

The banana og with no doubt shows early flower as banana cinimon. Loads of sugar from sugar leafs. My only bud that cured in all aspects so I mothered it. 10gs sugar one plant.

I can give this away without hesitation, people I show just say wow over and over. Smooth smoking, all boxes checked. Harvested december.