What are you smoking today?

So does it hit like an Afghani weed oh great now I want some blonde Lebanese hash :fire: :peace: :peace:
last hash i had was from holland in enschede from cafe mix caramello
Welcome to the mad house known as RIU and does it come from Germany ? I've never heard of it
Cannabisgesetz (CanG) | BMG (bundesgesundheitsministerium.de)

Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I - Gesetz zum kontrollierten Umgang mit Cannabis und zur Änderung weiterer Vorschriften - Bundesgesetzblatt maybe you can translate it to eng with google ? :hump:
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Looks fire to me.

Lots of ppl will say Europe and almost anywhere outside the USA has trash.....I'm not one of them lol.

I believe it doesn't matter where you are; fire weed is everywhere; so is trash lol
the city in germany where i live is 100km from holland border and 250 - 300 km to amsterdam! but overall in germany you can buy on the big railway station in your city or the big parks in your city (the weed is same quality sometimes weaker or more expensive 10 euro 0,8 g) when you had no black market friends like me becoose you not smoke 20 years :eyesmoke: and know some people....maybe thats why they legalize it at 01.04.2024 slowly with cannabis clubs 3 plants etc...sry my bad eng
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i was today on gas station and buy cigarettes, tobacco...the i see this:) for 15 euros:
translation: 1,5 gramm og kush (but i weight it thats 2 gramm :rolleyes:), coated with hemp pollen, grown under controlled conditions, carefully selected, tested and analyzed, only from indoor growing.

me wonder why the selling this at the gas station! selling cbd bloom is illegal like thc bloom in germany... (and the have another hhc, thc-p flowers bloom for 17 euro) idk why they sell it!
legalization in germany at 01.04.2024 is only for 3 plants at home (maximum yield 50 gramm dry rest in trash^^) , 50 gramms at home, 25 gramms on the street...cannabis clubs start at 01.07.2024 and you must be member and pay a monthly price, and work in the club helping ,then you can become per month 50g weed from it, but you can be only in 1 cannabis club not in 10 clubs ^^...but selling weed and seeds is illegal in germany you can buy only seeds from europe, holland, spain etc seeds from usa,canada etc are illegal..., import weed from holland is illegal, buying at black market are illegal,transfer is illegal... more then 50 gramm at home is illegal... from 50 up to 60 gramm = financially penalty...at 60,1 gramm at home are financially penalty up to 3 years prison or probation from 01.04.2024, and the police try would maybe say now its not a small amount check the 60,1 gramm how much gramm pure thc is in it.. when the 60,1 gramm has then 7,5gramm pure thc in it is it not a small amount anymore becoose not small amount starts at the 7,5gramm pure thc and now the 60,1 gramm are more illegal and counts like at not a small amount now... then you are a drug dealer becoose of not small amount =3 month minimum up to 5 years prison becoose then it is a particularly severe case, no financally penalty, no probation... but in the 50gramm legal weed from growing or the cannabis club then 7,5 gramm pure thc or more are legal and small amount????????? before 01.04.2024 all was illegal! when you drive car you can have now 3,5 nanogramm thc in 1 liter blood ( before 01.04.2024 instant MPU), first time more than 3,5 nanogramm financially penalty 1500 euro and points in flensburg, when you have second time more then 3,5 nanogramm in blood when driving then bye bye drivers lizence and MPU to become licence back!. MPU is a psyholigial test 1 year cost 2500 euro and the MPU can say you dont become the driverc licence back!

also when you have in germany 500g weed with 7,4 gramm pure thc is a not particularly severe case also financially penalty up to 3 years prison or probation! you have 500 gramm with 7,5 gramm pure thc or higher is not a small amount and particularly severe case also 3 month minimum up to 5 years prison LMAO! thats why some people say the legalization is a fail! when u had a strain with 28% thc then in the 50 legal growed gramms 8gramm pur thc or more... maybe the 50 legal gramms then not a small amount anymore and pratticularly severe case...i dont know...ever with one leg in prison like before!

i smoke 1 the smell and taste is good :eyesmoke::peace: and see portugal vs turkye em group game...3-0 for portugal!
what do you think how the weed look?
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Oof… Just smoked a bowl.. Its good. No seeds or very minimal. Its for flower rosin and drysift rosin. Some fresh chopped derived edibles.

Watermelon Ultra by T h seeds.

Gassy kushy inhale and exhale. Earthy.

The smell out the bag.. Earthy.. Coffee.. Zesty.. Sweet..

The flower rosin/dry sift rosin is zesty, spicy, eucalyptus, floral, gassy lemon.. Mesmorizing to where I cant describe it but want to so bad.

I got a nice ass stone from that.. Reconsidering trying see if I can get it to cure like my best smoking weed strain I have now.


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