What bug is this?


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That's a brain eating miliworm from Brazil. Did any get in your hair or on your head?
There on the underside of my sip lid because theirs all sorts of other little bugs for food maybe.I did see a bunch other species much smaller hanging around.My thoughts anyway.
Yea predatory mites like hypoaspis miles congregate on the tops of my black plastic pots I am not fond


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No expert here, but I would look into the oribatid mites. I saw similar looking mites on the top rim of my worm bins when i opened the lid up a while back. From my quick little research I settled on it being in that oribatid family. I'm sure it'd be a challenge to narrow it down to which exact mite it may be, but I would bet it's just a different contributor to breaking down the organic material in the sip.

Just my two cents, but as long as the plants are happy I'm sure mites and soil life will work themselves into a nice happy place of coexistence (at least that's how I like to think of it).


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Yes they do look like them thanks.

So the other small black ones in the first pic I think are zebra springtails.I can see them under the scope but they move to fast to get a pic.Ill try today.