Wonder How Many Rules I Can Break


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Got some Jack Herer Autos in Happy Frog, 3 gallon Fiber Pots.

Got two that looked good. Take a little off the top. Take a few Fan Leaves off.

Today HMM! What can I do today? Take some more Leaves off.
I always top them, although this run for the first time I tried topping 3 and LST'ing 3. I still like topping better. If that's breaking a rule, I've been breaking that one for years.

This grow I'm trying "schwazzing", which is some pretty heavy duty specific and scheduled defoliation. If I hadn't seen it work well for others I'd never attempt it. I guess I'm going to find out if it's something only experts should try or something an average grower like myself can pull off. Another half dozen weeks and I should have the results.

The only auto Jack Herer I've grown is Fast Buds, came out really nice. It's been such a long time since the last time I grew the photo version, can't really say how they compare, but on its own the auto was solid.


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That was funny. Son came over. Man you should see what I have been doing with those Autos.

His face said it all true fear. What has the old man done now?

He comes back well it isn't hurting them.


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That's an interesting take on it I guess. I super cropped a plant last night, they were all pointed up this morning. I don't super crop until they have been put in the flower tent


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OK did all this stuff. They look good but it is taking longer to mature and stunted them.

I was looking to Chop in December. They are not ready yet.