1. Spiveysrevenge

    2022 sativa harvest 6.6 oz

    Not baaaaaaaaad but not greatttttt either. But what are ya gonna do bitch about having weed lol? It was 6.6 oz in the end, well before I started smoking the last jar anyway. The rest has gotta last me tho cuz I don't even got a plug now. So it's off limits. Its actually pretty good. Also a pic...
  2. L

    Too many tops for outdoor?

    Is this an excessive amount of colas for an outdoor grow? I've been told this is overkill, but I don't really understand why it could negatively impact yeild. (I've also just fimmed 3-4 of the highest tops on each... so more stems on the way....) It's outdoor in a very windy environment, I'm not...
  3. stealthfader508

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Here it is guys, 2022 ... my whole family is locked down with the rona ... my son's out shooting baskets, my daughters are making tik toks, my wife's yelling at everyone, and I'm searching through strains for this years greenhouse candidates that won't mold .... I can't believe we shut down the...