1. Alazzzar

    could tips of leaf point out of buds?

    Could tips of leaf point out of buds without it being nanners?
  2. D

    Leaves crossing fingers

    I’ve been feeding & watering @ a ph of 6.1-6.8 and I have not fed in 2 waterings cuz the ppm/EC was a lil high around 1300 ppm. the runoff is around 6.7 and going in it was 6.2. The run off ppm is just above 420ppm. My tent is 80 F day and 70 night. RH stays around 50-60 day and goes to maybe...
  3. C

    Currling leaves look like an Octopie's Tentacles. HELP

    Please help me identify the problem as to why the leaves might be curling like that. I'm running two of these plants in the same environment however one is curling it's first true leaves in a way I've not seen posted here before.