1. W

    Is this a male or hermie?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I started my first set of plants about 2 months back and started the flowering phase around 2 weeks ago. I noticed that one plant was growing much quicker and producing some weird looking buds (I believe they are pollen sacs). I am fairly confident that it is...
  2. Dendrophilly

    Identify this insect!?

    There should just be one thread for identifying unknown critters, I am hoping to have this thread pin'd so it can be used for all future insect identification requests. Please post here if you would like help identifying an insect; I am slowly learning them all and would be glad to help and...
  3. J


    i put one strain on flower cause i want to identty strain .its on 12 days of flower. pls help me identity strain only two options...thanks for help. today i will post new photo.