quattro kush f3

  1. H

    Ethos or Sincity Seeds Quattro Kush multipack

    hey guys, so im looking at purchasing some seeds. I was looking at the new lineup from Sincity Seeds - the Thumbprints strain(sinking cookies x rascal berries) or Chubby melon (watermelon zum yum X rascal berries. $100 per pack from ethos I was considering their Quattro Kush multipack. 7...
  2. FreshTerpenes

    Ethos Genetics - Quattro Kush F3

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to start a new grow Journal here on the site for these Ethos Genetics - Quattro Kush F3's I'll be running. The pack I picked up is a 70 pack (Regular) of different QK F3 crosses. First to pop will be the straight up QK F3's...Here's a photo of the actual seed pack, I'll...