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    ViparSpectra Halloween Photo Contest | P4000 LED Grow Light

    Hi RIU members, A new giveaway is on the way, please pay attention!:grin::grin: A new way of participating in our giveaway: Halloween PHOTO CONTEST! :bigjoint: Prize: The winner could be a new tester for the P4000 led grow light. Photo Contest Rule: 1. Like this post or follow us. 2. Post...
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    ViparSpectra Giveaway is Coming Now! Who will be the lucky one to win the $299.99 voucher??

    Hello RIU members, :D :D :D Do you know the difference between the XS series and the Pro series? Today we will take XS2000 and P2000 as examples to make a comparison. ViparSpectra® XS2000 240W Infrared Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 【High Efficiency】Adopt the latest high-quality Samsung...
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    Independence Day's Giveaway: Win the XS2000 LED Grow Light

    Hello dear RIUs, :weed::weed::weed: In the last giveaway, I had set a difficult rule to entrance it. This time you only need to like this thread and share pictures with us, then have the chance to be the lucky one. Let's celebrate together on the website for Independence Day! XS2000 Product...