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Attitude order confiscated in Chicago, they won't do anything about it

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by trevor62491, Jul 29, 2013.


    CrixMix Member

    I looked that up and wikipedia has an article on them, it's like a dream come true.

    Edgar9 Well-Known Member

    @trevor62491, "take the sand out of your vagina!"
    Thanks for the laugh. I'm going to use that one.

    CoreyATX420 Active Member

    noones trying to be tough buddy. you just sound butthurt is all. i order herbies , attitude, sea of seeds, plus a few others. Im not mad at all. you just sound like a hater. But speaking of talking big, why the need to throw so many " fucks" in " big guy"? you truly sound like 18-23 im guessing . so the internet argument would be pointless. But carry on with your vast understanding of how businesses work lol. your silk road comment is stupid as well. considering in UK/ Netherlands seeds are legal, where as cocaine , LSD and mdma are still not. So youd bet your bottom we take bigger precautions when shipping controlled manufactured substances. Im sitting on over 200 beans buddy , enjoy your high blood pressure.
    el gringo loco

    el gringo loco New Member

    my first and last order from the attitude was confiscated in Chicago well there was no note so maybe attitude just mailed me g-13 labs t-shirt and box with green tape saying "examine" its possible I know at this point there just taking americans money and sending schwag seeds so they aint losing a bunch of money mailing real-brands it was so the most un-stealthy pkg I've ever seen it would have had a better chance getting thru customs had they wrote "pot seeds" on side of box and the timing was perfect they have the 21 business day guarantee laura at the attiude didn't reply til day 23telling me they would resend and low and behold a late mail delivery with a $103 dollar t-shirt came so yes were fucked on our orders and our money my friend.maybe I will plant the t-shirt and try to grow a seed bank I would have better luck and fuck anybody that defends them there is always these little crybabies that get pissed if you say one bad word about the attitude fuck the attitude I said what of it bitchez?!! anybody know a reputable seed bank in Canada? I just don't trust these british seed banks nothing against Englanders but its very,too easy to take money from a far and not deliver anything cuz what am I gonna do about it kinda thing.any help will be really appreciated!! im not in medical state so I have zero access to clones or real seeds I have some bag seed strain growing right now it's ok just one of those five month strains to grow

    CoreyATX420 Active Member

    yep theyre sending you reggie seeds. and must be ripping you off. as well as customs being non existent and uninvolved in the seed taking process because as you said attitudewouldve already ripped you right?? great logic. however the crazy whiteman... the only people who you really heare bitching about attitude are people lacking logic , are impatient, or just werent smart and talked about germination. been up and running for years ... business that as you say rip peopleoff so blantantly dont stay in business very long. BTW , Ive made 3 attitude orders in my life , out of probably somewhere around 60 orders total. i in no way have anything to gain from defending attitude. sucks shit happened to you , but i got mine from them through chicago, to the bible belt with no issues. would be wrong to talk shit . but customs is cray dude. its a long shot but do u have friends or family who u could get it sent to elsewhere that uses different customs office then they send it to you? thats what i did two of the times. had em sent to brooklyn then down here. good luck and sorry for your troubles:peace:

    PS. ive had far worse luck from canada. lots and lots of drugs in canada, god bless that country

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I'm glad I'm in NYC all my orders come thru NY. Sorry to hear about these confiscated packages

    ilikecheetoes Well-Known Member

    well at least my had a note... snagged by LA customs on a socal order. annoying. I got guarantee though but it sucks waiting another 2 weeks.
    first order went no problem.

    jeff1 Active Member

    Considering I live in a medical state there is no need to worry about legal actions if anything customs should back off on taking our beans.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Um do you think because you are in a med state it makes it legal for something illegal to be smuggled in thru the mail system from another country?

    BSD0621 Well-Known Member

    Whats the link to this "herpies" seed bank?
    Traxx187 likes this.

    jeff1 Active Member

    I don't need any fly by night Google searching Law experts shuffling around any more paranoia. If you don't have anything that can benefit the thread don't reply. So I guess that makes me a criminal for ordering beans then what I am looking at 5-10 ?? lol Not to happy about this situation I realize Iam not the only one but I am a little worried. Trying to look for answers my wife is freaking upset so much Drama for 15 beans =( Fuck ordering shit off the net. With very minimal communication with the tude after reporting the interception a few hours later I had a confirmation email that the order was re sent. Now I am worried to death that the second order will be intercepted as well =(. Kinda wishing there was a refund option or partial refund option I should have just purchased some clones and or seeds from the like 20 plus dispensary s around me.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    are you talking to me? Funny you telling me not to reply to a thread that I am looking over.
    So should I just lock the thread then since you don't want to hear common sense when saying something so ignorant?

    HeadieNugz Active Member

    If there are 20+ local dispensaries with seeds, WTF did you order from one over seas for?
    Your right, you shouldn't have. But you did. And now its YOUR drama, so don't propagate more of it on the forums then bitch when nobody empathizes.
    On another note, my 'tude order came 8 days out the gate, opened but intact.
    G'Luck buddy.

    HotCheetos Well-Known Member

    Attitude is NOT getting through Illinois and Wisconsin airports. Full stop. Those places have Attitude's number.
    If you're ordering to the Midwest you might as well flush money down the toilet.

    jeff1 Active Member

    I did it to try to save money I don't enjoy paying 50 bucks a bean. On the real y'all are bunch of haters if you can't help someone in need why are you even here? Lock the thread ban me its all good.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    So you ordered across seas trying to save money? Calling someone a hater. What is there to hate?
    For me to be a hater I would have to be envious of something so what would that be?
    You just sound more ignorant with each post. So please if you have nothing to contribute don't post here.

    Oh and to answer your question I helped and continue to help plenty of people on here;)

    CoreyATX420 Active Member

    2 attitude orders in july 2013 and a herbies early this month . both through chicago ISC . just saying. its luck doggie dog.. maybe I just have good karma or something , but things are getting through. america isnt really one of the harder countries to smuggle things into . try different asian countries or eastern europe. I know of someone who was literally beaten by russian police for a similar matter.

    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    I'm calling bullshit! My closest cousin lives in Wisco, and he is happily reporting 100% delivery rate from Attitude. I just asked him specifically about this and he said he's had "about 5 different packages come through O'Hare in the past month or so. No Problems."

    Unfortunately, I'm also in one of the few other states where buying clones is not an option. Thankfully, none of my mail has to even watch a Cubs game (East Coast might have a greater volume to sort would be my guess.)

    But ya, that's kind of a stupid comment. "Full stop"??

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    What dispensaries do you go to that sell them for $50 for each seed? I live by a bunch of dispensaries too and it's always 10 packs for $60 - $100.

    Kdog988 Active Member

    I order attitude all the time with no problem. Of course i live on west coast

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