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Coco: Tips, techniques, and the facts you will need

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by burgertime2010, Mar 30, 2013.


    KingBlunted Well-Known Member

    Rx green solutions simple A/B nutrient line flourishes from 4.5 - 5.5 pH. You can even Reach out to them for free samples. They have a major research and development facility in Denver and I have seen thc tests as high as 33.6%. Their facility is entirely 78% coco and 22% perlite mix.
    BiG PuFFer

    BiG PuFFer Well-Known Member

    Im about to start my first CoCo grow. I got bioniccare coco. I plan on mixing a little perlite and dolomite lime in with it.
    Im using House and Garden nutes and add some cal-mag. Its going to be a drip drip sysetem in 5galroot pouches. All this in a 4x4 tent with a 615cmh. Any tips or info are appreciated. This is my first coco and first time dripping.

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Knock them 5 gal fabric pots down to 2.5 or 3 gallon. If you already bought them just fold em down. Unless you are growing tall and wide 4 to 7 foot trees ive found 5 gals of coco to be overkill. 2 and 3 gallon especially the root pruning fabric pots are the sweet spot with kost indoor coco grown plants. Especially tent growing. You want them roots drinking nute solution daily and a a dry pot (not bone dry and wilting -but ready for a drink)ready for a drip feed daily with nutes is ideal. Make sure you get a 10 to 20% runoff into the catch saucers. Use little one inch cuts of pvc pipe for "risers" so your pots arent soaking in salty spent solution amd just shop vac it out after a feed. New transplants like even drier pots to get them roots set.up to explode. Think a peat soilless mix type of feed/water program for the first week or two. Then hammer em daily and even multiple daily feeds once their up and jamming. Ive found 5 gallons just dont dry out daily like the smaller threes and twos. Not saying its a huge deal but try it. You use less coco and they love the daily watering. A pH ec/tds combo meter is your ally and keep.it clean and.calibrated monthly.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Oh...and dont use dolomite lime with coco. Its nothing like acidic peat based mixes and the pH of coco is much more stable than peat. Lime is not needed. One of the reasons coco in my opinion is superior to traditional peat base soilless mixes. Your gonna dig coco...i promise. Use a coco specific nutrient brand and if your tap is decent....around 100 to 250 ppm (500.scale) a cal mag additive most likely will not be needed. Botanicare cns17 has a decent amount of cal in it. Canna coco nute has even more. Plus plenty of mag. And dont get carried away with additives...boosters and what not. Most coco specific base nute brands will throw out a banging crop without all the extras. I do suggest a potassium silicate like Dynagro or Europonic (Ionic brand) silica. Those are some of the more concentrated brands. The advanced RhinoSkin and Botanicare Silica blast is extremely watered down crap. You will see thicker stronger stems with potassium silicate and powdery midew spot and bugs have a hard time sitting up shop with the thicker leaves and stems that silicate will give you. Keep canopy temp at 75 to 80 degrees and humidity 60 to 70 % when vegging and drop it down when flowering...settling about 45 to 55 % rh when in peak bloom. Lots of circilation fans blowing around and make sure your humidity doesnt spike huge when lights turn off. An led green headlamp for night work is your friend here. And they are cheap. Good luck homie. Grow fat healthy juicy lunkers.
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    fuzzyjay New Member

    Im currently trying to condition my coco. Have poured 3x the volume of coco in water through at 5.8 and the recommended ppms of Cal-Mag and nutes. Still coming out at 5.2 every time. Anyone have any advice???

    "Our objective is to rinse the coco with large amounts of water containing Cal-mag @120ppm and 200ppm of Veg solution at a ph of 5.8. This breaks the medium of its tendency to drift towards 6.1PH. So, once 5.8 is reached the runoff will indicate so"

    fuzzyjay New Member

    Got it close to coming out same as it came in. Went ahead and transplanted so we shall see....

    Sneex Active Member

    I'm new to growing in general and got a plant handed to me and I brought it back to life check it out please I wanna improve all aspects of my box and growing with coco I wanna make it dtw but don't know where to start? gonna start reading this thread NOW!! ;)

    danzibar1234 Member

    Maybe just feed them less nutes

    I have always been under the belief that once u over feed plants it might not have any affect on them but taste wise it's not a god ending....

    I clearly seen this Running coco along side a wilma setup using clay pebbles and rock wool

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    I been saying for years...most strains will rock out in coco with a coco nutrient at 750 ppm (1.5 ec) and a pH of 6.0 or 5.8 to 6.2. You dont have to be exact and its good to let it drift. When making up your tanks...set it at 5.7 or so and let the natural alkalinity (if your using tap water at 100 to 250 ppm which is - perfect) rise up on ots own. When your tanks are near empty...the pH should be about 6.1 or 6.2. A good coco specific base nutrient is all you need. These numbers.are the sweet spot for damn near every strain ive grown in coco coir. 2 or 3 gallon pots. 10 to 15% runoff every feed. Dont use drip clean or any thing else. Just try it.
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