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DIY with Quantum Boards

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by robincnn, Nov 19, 2016.


    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Day 29 flower

    It was actually 24" above the top of the tallest cola.

    I lowered the light till it was 18" above the top of the tallest cola. Definitely shortened the coverage a bit and made me realize my light was off center
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    robincnn Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Slate 5 wont be back for a while. Limited Slate 6 quad will be stocked in next few days. email reminder on product page.

    Will restock on HLG website in few days. 4 pack of QB120's will also be available on Amazon Prime in 2-3 weeks.

    hlg 320 1400 can run 3 or 4 qb 288 in series
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    pop22 Well-Known Member

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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    I grow organic and I know light burn when I see it

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    bxkid Active Member

    Hey pop...is that amount of light burn a issue or can u let it slide?
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    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    That's impossible even if your light put out twice as much as a qb it simply doesn't put out enough light to burn a plant at that height.
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    Bustos Member

    So after several months of Hiatus i have an opportunity to get back at it.
    I was looking at my current lighting, last year i bought 2 260W QB LED Kits. i am quite happy.

    so today i was researching up and was on the website planning when the next round would be available. and suddenly i see the slate 6 quad showed up as available.... SHAZZAM! I couldnt hit the buy button fast enough.

    now i am stuck with the choice of what driver to get.
    i am installing a 5x5 tent.... there's just so many choices and i tried to use the samsung calculator but it is all greek to me..
    seems running them in series is safer i get that... but is there a few simple options with the mean well drivers?
    not sure if the QB288 is tolerant of a variable setting or would it stress it out to work at say 50 or 75% or would the efficiency take a dive?

    any feedback would be welcomed.... thanks in advance
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    dannykay Well-Known Member

    Hey, I thought I would stop by for an update.
    The 8 qb120 3k boards were assembled on the 2 fixtures last night, it was a blast to install and setup all on the frames.
    My mate added 4 boards to his 3 vero29 COBs (~210watt running on 2.1a) setup. Results are bellow, looks really slick and produce crazy amount of light.


    I added 4 boards to 5 vero29 cobs (running at 1.75 max for a total of 315watt) just added on top of the existing fixture
    Running the cobs on 70% and the boards on 80%, this can get extremely bright

    measured temp of the boards are around 34c with no heatsinks (not required for the qb120) dimmed to 80% running on a 2.1a Meanwell driver


    So far very pleased with the boards and the superb service from the hlg team.

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    Victor6634 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me why my hlg 320 1400 A is only putting out 270 watts turned all the way up ? Also does anyone know where I can find the diagram for wiring 3 QB 288s in series please @robincnn

    kaptinkush956 Member

    Question. I got a 135W QB. Would it be able to grow 3 Autoflowers in a 2x2 area?
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    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    will it grow; yes. Imho I think two would be better.

    gonna be a lot of plants in there, its gonna be darker because of the amount of leaf coverage, more light would help with that too.
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    kaptinkush956 Member

    think i would get a bigger yield with only running 2 auto in there?

    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    there; is no yes or now answer to that. depends on, the plant, how you grow them.

    you just have to find out; but I can say more light wouldn't hurt you're at 30 or so watts Per sqf. you can do almost three times that in flower.

    i don't know a lot about how autos act,
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    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Im running 135w over 2x2 and getting good coverage.

    Actually im running 130w over a 2x2. 520w total and im actually hanging on the perimeter a bit so actual area may be 4.5x4.5
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    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you just miss typed that. Do not try to put anywhere close to 90w/sqft 45-50 is the most you need with these even 30 will perform really well

    Humple Well-Known Member

    A 2x2 is exactly what HLG recommends for the 135w kit. You're good to go.

    Stephenj37826 Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    You need HLG-320H-1750 I do believe. That's why your aren't getting full power. You can change drivers or add another board.

    pop22 Well-Known Member

    When you see it on the tips, its a warning to raise the lights, the damage is minimal, let it go too long though and it will cook the buds!


    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    Idk how all this impossible stuff happens to your plants you must have really bad genetics

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    A guy a know who is in cash cropping mode has his buds growing into his reflector on a 1000w HPS dimmed,down to 750w.

    Claims its fire.

    Oh there will be a fire alright.

    Since we are talking about cooking plants and all

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