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Do I need to redo these autos?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by GrowJay, Nov 14, 2017.


    GrowJay Member

    Hey guys and gals...

    Got a 6x5x8 room.....6" inline duct fan pulling air through two air cooled reflectors....both with 400w HPS in. Got my gals in Canadian Peat and 35% perlite.
    Running Nutriplex Grow Micro and Bloom. These girls of mine have been doing so good. 2 x Critical Haze and 2 x Spanish Cheese from a good source. 5 weeks into flower and smelling like only heaven could smell.......the Heat came in.....got to 33deg C in my growroom. Just for one afternoon. The next day everything seemed sharp. But the next morning when I went to feed em.....devastation....worsening by the minute. I think my heart broke worse than my 1st lady leavin back in the day. :wall:

    Anyhow.....here are some pics.....but I dont know if the heat was solely responsible for this. I think the heat may had caused the plant to uptake some serious moisture to keep cool....along with an OD of nutes.....

    Sad sad day.....

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    leather lungs

    leather lungs Well-Known Member

    Looks like cal/mag deficiency. Also heat stress maybe move light higher

    Lite Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately those damaged leaves are dead. Go ahead and rip them off because they will rot into ur still smokeable bud.

    Extreme heat can dehydrate your leaves faster than ur baby can take water to them, breaking capillary action and killing the leaf. You are just seeing it starve to death in the areas that are being deprived of water and nutrients, while others are still gettin some or a little bit.

    I am honestly not too familiar with peat so I can't attest to how much to water them.

    how thick is her main stalk? how much water does she drink a day?

    GrowJay Member

    Damn.....I thought so. The stems are about as thick as my thumb....they are 70 days old....and they take a good watering every 3 days. You think the buds can still ripen eventhough they are so badly hurt? I mean most of the plant is buggered.

    Tx for the reply

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Since they are autos - DO NOT RIP LEAVES ... Autos are a little stressed as is , and chopping on get will further screw it up since they have no time to recover. Keep air moving across canopy , don't try to shove every nute down its throat , continue your feeding and or watering. Autos just go to harvest .... Once you pop them you can't stop them.

    Autos will produce better THAN WHAT BREEDER ESTIMATE ( flowering time )
    , go by trich maturity NOT how long it's been flowering. Autos are sensitive to lots of shit .... Heat , overwatering , overfeeding , etc. ........ Control the heat , power down slightly , move air or whatever you can. All is not lost , if stopped and corrected.

    If stressed too much , autos will stall and stay stunted or just crawl.

    IMO that looks like PH FLUCUATION. - looks like you are using a light mix , so I suggest a PH of 5.8-6.0 like when using coco ......

    Those leaves will not recover , just keep things stable ... Even if they are sugar leaves , you can still use them for butter , oil or vape glycerin .

    They have weeks to go also.

    GrowJay Member

    Thanks alot bro....

    Ive come this far. All I can do now is like you say....keep on keepin on till they are dead....or ready.

    Pity this happened though.....they were on there way to producing some serious colas.

    So we learn.....will have to take more care on the next round.

    Tx guys

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