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Do you believe it's wrong to use someone to advance your own agenda or to benefit you in any way?

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by Padawanbater2, Apr 19, 2017.


Do you believe it's wrong to use someone to advance your own agenda or to benefit you in any way?

  1. I believe it's OK, people should protect themselves and not expect others to protect them from scams

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  2. I believe it's wrong, people should be legally protected from scams

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  3. Other (please explain)

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    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    "Use people", meaning to use them for your benefit at their expense, whether they are aware of it or not

    Do you believe that is right or wrong, why?
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Depends on what comes out of it.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    That's interesting. Could you expand on that?
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Let's say you're buying an ounce. I charge you extra then give the money to my neighbor so they can buy baby formula. Am I wrong for overcharging you or am i right?

    Let's say I see you drop a hundred dollars as you walk to your Mercedes , I pick it up but instead of giving it back, I hand it to a homeless guy, and he gets to eat that week. Am I wrong?
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    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    I think you would be wrong in both cases because there are too many unknowns within both situations that you're automatically assuming based on your observation

    It's absolutely right to help your neighbor with expenses, no doubt about that. But overcharging me to do it is wrong. It would be right if you took the money out of your own pocket to help your neighbor.

    If I drop $100 walking to a Mercedes and you see it but don't return it based on the fact that I'm driving a Mercedes, but otherwise would have had I been driving a cheaper car, that's not right either. What if I'm driving someone else's car? What if I make minimum wage and that $100 was going to pay for food and gas for the week?
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    You're right, I have no way of knowing if any of my assumptions are correct. I guess I was shooting for a robin hood scenerio.

    How about hanging out with someone, only becouse you want to bone his sister? That one has to be ok, It's a win win for everybody.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    What happens when I bone the sister or she turns me down? Do I continue to hang out with the brother? If I do, do I tell him I was only hanging out with him to get to his sister? Do I tell him I'm banging his sister?

    I have a younger sister so I think I might have a useful perspective on this scenario. If I found out someone initially used me by playing friendly just to get closer to my sister, I would be pissed. If I found out that information years later, after a solid friendship had been established, I would likely feel completely opposite.

    So you might be onto something there

    j.t.1986 Well-Known Member

    I believe it is wrong. but hey some people like to live that way..
    if i wanted to bone some dudes sister, id probably just try to talk to her somehow.. seems like less work too:hump:. pretending and all that work for a CHANCE to bone his sister, save the leg work and just go for her.. i think most people would dig that approach instead of all that creepy deception lol

    seems easier and more rewarding just to do things yourself, take a hand when and if its offered, give one back..not expecting nothing from no one, and being pleasantly surprised when people come through for you just because you're a solid dude and they want to do that for you... and maybe thats why im a peasant still though hahaha..

    as for scammers, people are on there own there id say lol

    OriginalRoast Active Member

    I think that it's only wrong to use someone when the person you are using is harmed in some way. In the boning your sister scenario the only wrong doing that I can find is if someones feelings were hurt, but what dude has their feelings hurt?
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    don't all businesses and charities use people to advance their agenda, making money, helping people, what ever it may be?

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    All relationships in life are based on need. The difference between using someone for advancement being good or bad probably has more to do with intent than anything else.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    No, it's perfectly fine.

    (@Padawanbater2 did I say that right? ....thanks for the stock tip)
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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Isn't this question the foundation of capitalism?
    Employing someone else for profit beyond what they are paid is using them
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    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    some relationships are mutually beneficial. not all of us use our friends. capitalism was created to shift wealth from workers who produce it to bankers or others in the privilege class.a modern replacement for feudalism
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    ali_afish Member

    Yes it's wrong to knowingly take advantage of someone's lack of knowledge or experience to benefit yourself. Unless it mutually benefits both people, it's wrong. It's all about karma.
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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Capitalism and greed form a symbiosis and together they kill environments, destroy indigenous communities, stifle creativity and ultimately, like cancer, kill the host.
    Both are bad for our health and both need to be eliminated. There is nothing beneficial about greed just as there is nothing beneficial about capitalism.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    When I think of using people I think of taking unfair advantage. A person of power coercing a subordinate for favours of any kind is wrong. Selling your bud for twice the price because you know it's dry out there is wrong too but is part of the capitalist system. When supply is low and demand is high the price goes up and vise-versa.

    I've been growing my own pot for decades. Always giving away or selling at lower prices any excess to help pay the bills and help out those in need. Recently I blew a couple grand on grow gear to get more commercial but finding I can't muster the ambition to put it all together. I have all the materials to build a nice addition to my grow room and start producing a couple pounds a month but the closer I get to doing it the less I do to move forward.

    When I was 17 my ambition was to get done with high school then take organic chemistry at tech school so I could make all these great drugs I was doing. Then I bought a big bike, dropped out in grade 11 and later my 30s went back and spent 3 years getting that diploma in chemistry. I still thought about using my new knowledge for personal gain but age and experience in the drug trade made me more apprehensive as I got deeper into my training. Too get rich in the chemical drug trade you would have to deal with people that movies are made of. A simple chemist has no cred with people like that and you basically become a slave. If you're lucky, a well paid slave, but a slave none the less. I have a 33 year old son addicted to meth and so glad I never made any of it.

    To make money selling pot you have to cater to the "stoner" market unless you are in a big city and have a wider clientele. I've concentrated my growing efforts to strains that help me medicinally. I'm getting into growing hi-CBD strains that are next to useless to stoners but a boon to me and the few friends that share knowledge of my efforts. I'm going to be growing way more than I can sell for sure. Want to sell the farm and get out of here so I'll stock up and hopefully by next year be back in BC. :)

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    New Age United

    New Age United Well-Known Member

    I just called my buddy up for a light, I used the guise that I wanted to go for coffee knowing full well that he would light me up. Not that I didn't want to see him but the whole purpose was to get lit, I see no harm. But one thing I don't like is when someone takes advantage of another person's kindness and start pushing them over all the time, treat them like their bitch so to speak.
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    The day people stop imposing their will on people , we will know true peace

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    I'm just curious why you felt you needed to use a guise?

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