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Does this look like a cal/mag issue?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by yankeeny20, Feb 13, 2018 at 9:45 AM.


    yankeeny20 Member

    I noticed some spots on my plant this morning so I was reading up on what it might be. I'm thinking it could be a calmag deficiency but just wanted another opinion.

    It's indoors in soil going on week 5 of flowering. I water about 2-3x a week feed-feed-water. I'm using Aurora innovation nutes and calmag at about 75% recommended amount. My other two plants are looking good and I'm feeding them all the same. Should I just up the calmag for this lady or is it something else?

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    Tiffj Active Member

    Calcium and magnesium are two different things, so you can’t have a calmag def, however yup looks like you need to add calcium, how long have the leaves been like this? Did you add calmag before the leaves looked like this or after? Tbh the light green also indicates you may have a magnesium problem also.

    yankeeny20 Member

    I was using the diagnose page on growweedeasy.com and misread it. I meant calcium or manganese def as the other it looked like. It also mentioned spots and yellowing.


    I just noticed it slightly yesterday and today so it must be recent.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Increase your non NPK part of your feeding regime.
    Most of these "deficiencies are caused by excesses, or an absence of microbes to convert the ions into a usable form for the plant.

    I would at the same time but no less important. brew a 24 hour earth worm casting tea and spray down the whole plant, especially the damaged leaves. , pour the rest out over your roots.

    yankeeny20 Member

    Got a link with any info on teas? Never heard much about them until just recently, not sure how they work.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Have a look on youtube... Your first teas probably won't be very good. But it is still miles better than any cure you can pour out of a bottle or bag. Plants, like us, live in symbiosis with bacteria and fungi. Did you know just a 3rd of your poop is actually made up of food remains....?

    These bacteria and fungi are found in and on all cells of the plant.
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