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DWC res water to hot

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Smokey57, Feb 3, 2017.


    Niblixdark Well-Known Member



    $_1 (1).JPG

    Grab some 2 part epoxy or putty and carefully install one in your res or even 2!

    Take the cooling fan off the cold side first and seal the hole where the wire was running from. (Depending on make) Then get your measurements for the res and carefully cut it out so it's a tight fit for the cold side heatsink and pre glue area then epoxy away!

    Don't forget to scuff the area for better adhesion. Also to make it easier to install if you don't already have one, pick up a vernier caliper for precise measuring.
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    ReZziE New Member

    Hi there mate . i run a chiller on a rdwc ,however its important to note roots grow just fine in warmer waters. add lots of air to the rez with decent brand of bennies change regularly on a specified day and check res at least once daily.
    take notice of methods you use to clean and maintain the rez's avoid things like;
    not cleaning your air stones
    putting your hands in the rez
    make sure you sterilize everything at t change overs etc.
    its important to note things like pythium is not algae.pythium is a pathogen that can use algae as a conduit for infection and usually they go hand in hand. so if the rez are free of infection then theres only the dissolved oxygen situation to worry about ..so up the air to the rez's keep the enviro in check.no infection no rot i have a chiller that i use however cold water can also have negative effects on roots and shocking the plants especially at a young age.
    always make sure the header/control tank is airated ,if solution sits here to long its a good way to start infections.
    cheers ;)
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    J Henry

    J Henry Active Member

    Hey there Rez, Good points.
    Have your ever actually tested your DO just so you really ‘Know” your O2 situation?... if your winning or losing in the oxygenation game challenge?

    I like warmer water > 75F because that increases plant and benny metabolism (faster growth), but the biological oxygen demand (BOD) is much greater too in warmer water for 2 symbiotic eco systems. Elemental oxygen (O2) being the most Import nutrient must be plenty and continuous without any low O2 slumps. Like how ling can you go in a low O2 environment... minutes, hours maybe before to begin to die.

    Do you ever wonder/hope there will be enough oxygen to keep both eco systems healthy for months? I have.
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    ReZziE New Member

    Hmm not really sure on what your meaning ... As i change out every two weeks i dont have issues i also run a chiller currently on a dyi rdwc running 120lpm of air with Orca and a nip of voodoo on occasion. bottom line is you can indeed run hot rez's successfully with the req change outs and hygiene. im actually running 5 in my baby root spa now without chilling at about 24-25c with about 30lpm and im just getting rdy to put 5 healthy plants in the system via a hot rez ;) im not sure if thats what your getting at (?). im not a scientist but i can dwc like a mothf**ker ;) ^5C23BEE2FA98267D48E3257B20F654C18BF494D220BF1838B5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg
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    J Henry

    J Henry Active Member

    Sounds great, is great.

    ReZziE New Member

    Thanks bro @J Henry ,sorry i should have read better bro (mega stoned). no ive never tested it i imagine the equip would cost a lot haha .

    i think its worth mentioning silicon is a major conduit for algae with temps also , i would deffo not run silicon in hot rezzies either ;)
    and as @J Henry mentioned he prefers warmer temps, i second that because roots seem to grow faster in a warmer (highly controlled haha) range. they say this is true for sativas but i believe this to be the case with either.
    J Henry

    J Henry Active Member

    What you see is what it is, warmer the water, higher the metabolism, faster roots and bennies grow, sooner the maturity and better the more harvest yearly.

    Niblixdark Well-Known Member

    SM90 and cool water temps around 65-68 give me the best growth possible in my personal experience. I always pull around 2.5 to 3lb per 1k. If I change what I did it wouldn't work out so well. My system stays clean and no "gunk" to swing PH out.

    I have done bennies, teas, organics. It's a waste of time, my time and money. You might get quicker root development in the beginning but that's it.

    Less is more, save your money and do things right. Half a week of less vegging and a system full of gunky lines, hoses and the costs associated with it. Is not a win !
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    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    You'd just plumb your system together into a RDWC and use one chiller.

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    unfortunately, the peltier cooler is a waste of time and money for a hydro setup. They cool too slowly to be effective. i tried it. if water chilling is what is needed, there is no shortcut around a chiller with a compressor and thermostat. look on craigslist or ebay first

    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    A chiller is truly the only option man. just bite the bullet and buy a 1/10 hp. chills good up to about 50 gals.
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    J Henry

    J Henry Active Member

    In your opinion, what makes you think this is this truly the only option? Do you sell water chillers?

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    kinda like you sell O2Grow products?

    when are you gonna put up a side by side grow of o2grow vs regular airstones?
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