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Enter The Scrog/Scroggers United Post Page

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by woodsmantoker, Dec 11, 2009.


    907guy Well-Known Member

    First scrog, second grow. Bleached this little BLueberry some, lights were too close and heat got too high a time or two. She's 17" high, 28x28" inside to inside on the screen.

    It's drying now, probably 2-3 more days before she's ready for trim!

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    davillains Well-Known Member

    my 2x2 kosher kush scrog ..around wk 5
    IMG_1016.JPG 15A_5694.jpg 15A_5693.jpg 15A_5697.jpg 15A_5692.jpg
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    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

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    davillains Well-Known Member


    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    When did scroging turn into using nets just to support colas, seems we have forgot what a real scrog is at times, with a scrog you weave your plants through the net starting in veg till week 3 of 12/12. Not just plop a net on top and grow colas straight up.
    Rant over lol.

    calliandra Well-Known Member

    haha yeah I know right, but there are still some really training em out too :bigjoint:
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    Ozzy skunk leaf

    Ozzy skunk leaf New Member

    How big was your tent and watt man looks good

    Stebbins Active Member

    My 3.5x4ft scrog... 3weeks into flower. First Two pics were taken two days ago and the last pic just for comparison was taken 30 days ago on day one of screen being put on.

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    Stebbins Active Member

    Updated shots from today...

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    Ss-farmer Member

    A few super skunk autos in a scrog.. trouble with autos is they all flower at different times on their own so scrogging has to be done quickly.. had good results here :bigjoint:

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    Frostythesnowman88 Member

    Monster cropped white widdow x big bud on day 2 of 12/12

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    Frostythesnowman88 Member

    20170515_211216.jpg and again at day 15
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    PiercerNC Well-Known Member

    3'x3' SCROG in DWC, under a 700w Viparspectra full spectrum LED, day 3 of 12/12 using GH nutes (Lucas Formula) almost 2 month veg. 1 fem Jack Herer from Baked Beans Seeds.

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    rollitupled Member

    Here is my scrog, these girls have been vegging for about 5 weeks. The last 3 weeks under my new 315w cmh

    I made 2'' holes with string and used bamboo. It's nice and stirdy/firm and nice sized holes i think

    This is not my first grow, but it is my first scrog and tent grow

    My next scrog i will use my favorite plant from this grow. The two at the back are critical+, front left if LA confidential and front right Exodus Kush (favorite so far)

    There is an autoflower (60DW) in the middle (random seed), i don't know what to do with it, but i'm going to keep it there untill i need the space for weaving, she must still have 2 or 3 weeks left..not that I thought it would be, but 60 days my ass lol

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    rollitupled Member

    Some progress from above,

    Day 13 12/12

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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    You'll get a banger out that run. Lots of nice even flowering tops close together. Thats the key. How many plants is that? Just one? Too bad that bottom right wasnt full. At any rate...keep us posted. Like to see your final shots and yield weight report. Nice canopy bro.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    The only thing that held me back from running true scrog to this day is the longer veg times it requires under the main expensive to run lamps. I like 2 or 3 room perpetuals. Where the big lamp rooms are always on 12 - 12 and some t5's..halides...or cmh lamps always on 18-6 in another seperate smaller room constantly rooting cuts...and vegging them up nice on a preflower rotation. Always harvesting buds on a timed schedule like a production assembly line. Unless you can make a modular scrog net/setup on roller wheel casters with big wide doors for all the rooms so you could roll around a scrog platform type dealy...scrog perpetual isnt really practical. But a one room for veg and bloom and you dont mind the longer time it takes and more in electricity ...its definitely the way to veg out a canopy for maximum yields from very low plant counts.
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    luv2grow Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I've been running scrog for quiet a few years now. With the tech that's out now you can speed up the screen fill process to almost match that of a standard plant say 4 or 6 main i see people running. I go as far as to say a extra few days and you're in there. Of course it all depends on the grower, genetics, etc.... Now add that with proven styles of a GLR in veg and a shorter flower timing and times, your actually saving money over the process you are stating. A perpetual scrog is difficult to establish and build. But once it is and the genetics have been logged you can swap in strains constantly with great yields per sf. Hell I'm running a kush hybrid right now that gave me 63 tops in a 2.2sq ft area. Just my .02 cents
    I still grow regular lolipops but I scrog far more to maximize horizontal space.

    rollitupled Member

    Thanks, it's not my first grow, but it's my first scrog. It's been quite a lot of hard work, but you're right I think it should pay off. I just want to try and keep them healthy now..:roll::leaf: I worry a lot!

    It's 3 plants in 18L pots, biobizz all mix

    Bottom left; LA con (dna), top left; Critical+ and the bottom and top right hand side is 1 x Exodus Kush (dna)

    I vegged them for 9 weeks, about 4 weeks of that under 125w cfw then the rest under the 315w,

    I originally had another Critical+ in the scrog, but I removed her as she was looking a bit weaker than the others, that's why there is the gap :( I might be able to fill a few more squares in that corner as it's on the Exodus Kush side

    The LA con is hardly stretching, the critical+ is and the exodus kush seems to be picking up pace in the stretching department the last couple of days I have noticed..

    Last feed they had (per litre)

    1ml grow
    1ml bloom
    0.5ml fishmix
    1.5ml Alg a mic
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    I have a L.A. Confidentail variant from DNA just gifted tk me from a trusted good grower pal of mine. Called Cataract Kush. Gave me 2 nice 20 inch bushes. Multiple healthy leader tops. About 7 to 8 a piece. Anyways. I veggeg em a little longer under t5's. Cleaned up the bottoms. Took about 8 cuts off each and transplanted them into 20 gallon fabric pots of soil mix and put them out in the backyard about 3 weeks ago. They took right off. Very indica. Very slow vegger but very bushy. Thick stemmed and short.I just this morning put a ring of stakes around the perimeter of each pot and bent/tied the leader branches down. They are going to take off even more. Foliar sprayed kelp/fulvic/ yucca on them real good too. 2 of the best looking plants in my outdoor crop this year. My most affie/indica ones by far for sure. Classic afghan structure.
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