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going to do a coco grow and i am looking for tips

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by giglewigle, Sep 25, 2017.


    DTDrop Member

    Yeah, 5.8 fucked me pretty hard LOL. Have been rocking 6.0-6.1 with fantastic results....allowing a ph of 5.8 every once in a while for a little more access to micro. Only started using coco about, 1/2 year ago....rocked soil for a decade @ 6.0-6.5, or just not phing at all. LOL. Soil is much more forgiving, that is, if you built (rebuilt) the soil correctly. Which has it's own learning curve lol.
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    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    I’m also giving a whirl to Jacks hydro nutes in coco, has a pretty dedicated and loyal following- the stuff lacks the hype and cost of what many Jacks growers consider “hobbyist” nutes we all buy at hydro stores.... something to look into if you are going coco

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    bit of an up date i put tje ru tiest one out side im in souther hemisphere so hopefully it starts flowering that pkus there on 24 hours lights on in the tent thought fuckmit hopefully i can leqve i there ittl flower and ill get a quick smoke while the others ar still vegging i topped the one thats doing the best cant believe iv made it this far lol side note its not droppy at all now it was just thirsty smells really good ay 20180105_140318.jpg going to transplant it tomorro what do use think im very interested in youre thoughts

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    heres another update the one in tje 5 gallon fab lot looks the most indica theres on that looks allitle more sativa and another one that looks a bit more but not as mutch indica as the one in the airpot hoping thay get alot bigger withing tje next 3 weeks so far iv been in veg for around 4 weeks really hoping to be able 2 flip then 20180112_161130.jpg 20180112_161113.jpg
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    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    the brand of nutes im using is dlled hygen its called one part cornacopia veg there is also a bloom i think im gunna give up on organics interms of indoor for 5 liters of tje on part its under 60 dollers im usint there humic and fulvic sup and tjere seaweed suplament omegazyme im alsk planing on stoking up in things a little some there things is sold out and i dont want to mix brands so far my tent has had temps as highbas 115f 48c plantsvseem to be growing nicely next round id really like to have things alot more dielled in but all things considered im pretty happy with the plants cant wait to smoke em lol

    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    thought id post an update there taking of like rokets 20180116_194107.jpg

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