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How big in veg for 8oz?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Sir72, Dec 8, 2017.


    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    can anyone give me an idea of how big a plant needs to be before switching to flower to achieve 8oz?
    I am growing Animal blues from in house genetics (80% indica I believe) in 11 gallons of soil roughly. I have a 600 watt turned to 450 in a 7.11sq ft tent. So far I’ve topped and lst’d her.

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Just one plant? It's hard to say for sure. Every strain is different, some yield more, some less. Some plants of the same strain will yield different. Last grow I did I had 4 plants vegged for about 4 1/2 weeks from seed in 5 gallon buckets. Average was about 5 oz per plant. Had one plant kind of stunted that only yielded 2.5oz, the biggest 6oz. This was under a 400W hps in 16sq ft tent.

    Whether or not you top or fim or scrog makes a huge difference in veg time since that can delay them by several weeks. Grown naturally I would guess maybe 5-6 weeks veg at most as long as it's healthy and strong. If you top them it's going to take a bit longer.
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    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Yeh just one plant, I topped it so it has 8 branches. I then tied down all 8 branches so they’re even and even topped some of the smaller branches that were getting taller than everything else. She about 2ft wide and a foot tall with pretty thick branches.

    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    If it is a decent yielding plant then... i would guess about 8 or 9 weeks from seed would be about the time to flip. Provided it is healthy...good roots.

    My guess is based on the fact that i usually get about 5 to 6 zips from my plants, which go from seed to flip in about 5 weeks.
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    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    Also depends on what medium you're growing in. Hydro tends to yeild more than soil if all else is equal. I pulled 7 ish ounces of tops and another 2 or 3 ounces of popcorn buds off of 1 plant in rDWC under 350 actual watts of blurple with a 5 week veg.

    Edit* just read the OP again and saw that you're growing in soil. Missed that the first time.
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    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    I wasted a whole week of veg last week cause the space was too cold and the girl didn’t grow at all, cranked it up to 600 and turned down the in-line fan. Now she’s looking good again. Trying to give her another 2 weeks of veg most likely. I’ma try to post a pic later this week

    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Is this just over watering? I’ve barely watered but it never really seems to dry out

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Veg for another week or two and you should be on your way to an 8oz harvest with a plant that size. If the canopy grows to be 2.5 x 2.5ft or 3ft x 3ft then you should get the yield you're looking for.

    However, (and please don't take this the wrong way) I wouldn't trigger flower just yet as there are a few problems I'm noticing that you should correct before flipping to 12/12. In veg, you can correct mistakes but come flower you're pretty much SOL if you mess something up as it will more than likely be irreversible.

    The problem isn't just overwatering but mainly a lack of drainage for sure from what I'm seeing. Plants are droopy because the water you give them isn't draining, so your roots are literally drowning. What kind of container are you using? Looks like a cardboard box with a trash bag in it? How many drainage holes do you have in the bottom of the box/trash bag? And also, what kind of soil are you using? Almost looks like Miracle Gro but I don't want to assume :)

    Again, not trying to be an ass, just trying to get a better idea of your situation because it's tough to give solid advice without much information.

    And again, you're in veg so there is absolutely NO reason to panic. When you're in veg the only thing you can't repair is a dead plant, literally everything else can be fixed.

    Here is what I would do if I was in your shoes and this was my tent/grow. Get yourself a smart pot


    Smart pots are some of the best pots you can get because they're made of fabric and thus are breathable, meaning your roots/soil will get more oxygen than if they were in any other container. If you are in fact using a box/trash bag currently then transplanting will be rather easy. Just fill part of the smart pot with soil, put the box on top of the soil, cut the box/bag with a box cutter and get rid of it. Then cover the now exposed root mass with new soil.

    You absolutely need to transplant though in my personal opinion and for multiple reasons. For one, like I said above the smart pot will provide extra aeration/oxygen to the roots. For two, when you transplant get yourself some legit soil. Even just from that photo I can tell the soil is rather mediocre, I'm seeing more wood chips than I am perlite and that tells me the soil is poorly constructed. Are you near a hydro store or anywhere that you can get your hands on some good soil? The link above is for getting the smart pot, if you can afford it I highly recommend the 30g pot. Looks like you're in a 2ftx2ft tent and the 30g pot is the largest pot you can fit in the tent. The more soil you have, the bigger the plant and thus the bigger the yield. You already have roughly 11g of soil so I highly recommend the 30g pot, or even the 25g pot. After you get your fabric pot, get yourself some good soil. 1 cuft = 7.5g so I recommend getting yourself 2 cuft worth of legit soil and another 1/2 cuft of lava rocks. I recommend either Fox Farm or Roots Organic because they make some decent soil. Go down to your local hydro store and get a single bag of Fox Farm Happy Frog, it's a very balanced soil and isn't as hot compared to the Ocean Forest. A single bag of Happy Frog will run you around $15-20 at any hydro store, $35-40 on Amazon. Then after that you just need a single back of red lava rocks from your local home depot/lowes. Mix those two bags together and use that for your new soil mix, then transplant into the new pot/soil mix. You'll spend between $30-$60 on everything I listed, depending on where you get it from, but it will do wonders for your plant and it will be money VERY well spent. Let me put it this way, assuming you spend $60 on this it will pay for itself if it gets you an extra 1/2 oz or more of meds.

    All the above being said though, your plant does in fact need a lot of help.. but shows a TON of potential. If you're willing to go through the trouble of transplanting into a legit pot with legit soil you will be one happy camper come harvest time. If you flower now, it looks like a 3-5oz plant simply because it's stressed because the soil isn't optimal for a variety of reasons. However, if you transplant it into a good pot/soil then you can damn near double your yield. If you take the time to get the plant transplanted and healthy you can easily pull a 1/2 lb from a plant that size. I've flowered plants that exact size and got anywhere between 8-16oz a plant, strain dependent of course.

    Get that plant transplanted and back on track until it looks happy and healthy and you'll be incredibly stoked with your harvest for sure. That plant easily has the capability to yield 1/2 lb, hell if you scrog it and veg it for another couple of weeks you could even pull a pound from it if you use the full 600w from your light.

    Give us some more information and we'll be able to give you much better advice because right now all I can do is assume. There are lots of helpful people on these forums and no one is here to belittle anyone for being new, it takes a real piece of shit to do that IMO. Get me some more information going and I'll help to the absolute best of my ability.

    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Are you really telling him to transplant into a 25 or 30 gallon container? I read this one time then skimmed it 2 more times and i never saw you say it will add 2 months of veg for the roots to chew through that much dirt. IMO thats just a ton of soil for only 600 watts, hes trying for 8 oz... thats 5-10 gallons of soil. I used a 15 true gallon container to pull 730 dry grams. I just really dont agree with that much soil in this case.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Ok, so heres my advise... get a drill with a 1/4 bit, go to town drilling holes in your container. If its a bag type situation then rip up 1 inch by 1 inch pieces of ducttape and stick those all over the place then drill through that so you dont destroy your bag. Overall the advise kratos gave you is solid, follow it on your next plant and do better.
    That picture you posted is lacking nitrogen, but it also could be the plant HATES the soil you used. Get a good basic chemical nutrient to quickly get back on track, such and the general hydroponics micro. Organic nutes are too slow to affect a change when the plant is so unhappy. I will commonly use GH micro to fix a nitrogen problem even if im otherwise organic. I dont just do organic or chemical, i use both, both have benifits.
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    I did that exact thing with only 600w. I went from 3g pots to my 25g pots (one 30g pot) and they were only able to veg for 2 weeks due to financial restraints. While they weren't 100% rootbound like I would have liked them to be, but I was more than happy with my yields.

    The main reason I recommended the larger pot is because of the size of his soil mass now and it will make transplanting into new medium that much easier for him. While he may not get it completely rootbound, he'll have plenty of room to get some legit soil going in there. If he was only in a 3-5g pot then he could get away with a 10-15g transplant, but he's in 11g of soil and that doesn't give him many options of size in terms of potting up. I think I said that he had what it took to get an 8oz yield out of that plant had his soil been better, but his drainage looks like a big issue. And if his soil doesn't have enough drainage it probably has other issues with it as well. With the 25-30g pot, he doesn't have to completely fill it to the brim. He just needs to transplant the plant into better soil and that requires a pot large enough to fit his current 11g root mass, that's the main thing. If he was only in a 3-5g pot I'd for sure be recommending the 10-15g pot instead. If he's in 11g of medicore soil with poor drainage, potting up to a 15g pot won't really fix many issues because that only affords enough room for 4g of legit soil.. the other 11g he's in now is still poor looking soil and that's gonna cause him issues come flower for sure.

    Seeing as you're pulling 700g+ from 15g pots and 600w lights, you are obviously in a position to give better advice than myself as I've only ever seen yields like that outdoors myself. But I think you were focused a bit too much on the large pot instead of the reasons I was recommending them. I've yielded 8+oz from plants that size before triggering flower, but they were in good soil and didn't have issues with drainage/wet feet. If he tries to flower in that container/soil he's gonna have a bad time for sure. The other reasoning I had for recommending the larger pot was in fact because it would take a bit longer to veg. He's got a lot of issues for sure, but they are rather easy fixes fortunately. He should stay in veg for at least another 2-4 weeks anyway to ensure that his plant is more healthy/happy looking before going into flower. If OP is willing to take the extra time to wait on 12/12 he can spend the next 2-4 weeks fixing all of his issues so he can be happy come harvest, because as it stands now if he tries to trigger flower his yields are for sure going to suffer.
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    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    11 gallons of soil is overkill for 8 oz's. There is absolutely no need to go bigger, it would just be wasting huge amounts of soil and water.
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Naw i get what your saying, and i do mostly agree, however i think he would be better off following your advise on the next plant, i think its a bit too late to do all that on this one. Adding drainage by drilling a fuckton of holes is going to help, the soil hes using is crap, but i dont believe adding good soil around it will help. Root rot is a real struggle for a newish grower, ive gone into flower too soon and if it takes a week for the plant to dry out your fucked. Seriusly has made plants that should have been 8 oz plus for me shrivel up an die pretty much yeilding almost nothing.
    I guess im assuming the op can simply take a clone from this plant an follow all your advice on his next try, the new plant would be ready to flower in 5-8 weeks and thats as long as he would need to veg this plant for in all that new soil. This plant would be harvested in about 10 weeks if he can sort out those issues in 2 weeks and that should be pretty easy. It really is mostly a nitrogen issue, the drainage problem will be sorted out by adding holes, and the roots growing. Not ideal, but a fix.

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