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how does my grow flow

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by im4satori, Jun 7, 2015.


    im4satori Well-Known Member

    second day after Fe foliar and theyre looking better

    im going to spray them one more time and raise the Fe in the mix up to 1.5ppm
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    it all may be partly related to my source water

    I might have some Fe in my source water... someone else might have more/less and need less/more

    im also see some very mild Ca def in the bottom fan leaf of only one plant... so next time I will raise my Ca to 60ppm
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    im4satori Well-Known Member


    they seem to be competing no matter what I set it at...
    raise the zinc i get Fe def, raise the Fe get zinc def

    so in conclusion on the Fe and zinc.. they seem to be happy with 1.5ppm Fe and 0.5ppm zinc (which seems high).. and even at that amount i still may add zinc on rare occasion to my foliar feed...

    the chelated Fe makes zinc less available

    ok i think iover that topic...starting to look like a damn journal in here lol
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