How long are people waiting to hear back from Health Canada ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by willieboy, Oct 4, 2016.


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    Sorry to tell you they don't give a fuck its time for them (ie politicians who are LP insiders) to cash in, hence why their hired more people process the LP applications. Wait till a bit more time and HC gets super swamped with applications are that's the only way you'll get to grow more than 4 plants after legalization.

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    It's not about people being nice or not nice over the phone, although I am always nice as that is my disposition. I would not recommend being mean to these people either. BUT it is not about that. It is about how these people have been misinforming (perhaps being massively misinformed themselves), outright lying, obfuscating and making things difficult and a barrier to access for people. They are understaffed and likely that is a political decision and an expose is still desperately needed to show how they have been caught saying they don't consider MJ medicine etc. Bottom line these front line ladies might seem even nice at times and certainly don't deserve to be yelled at, but this shit comes from the top and needs to be exposed. Hope that made sense.
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    oh I totally agree. I just wanted to make a point there though, felt like it needed to be said. There's no need for aggressive behavior. But something needs to be done that's for sure. Even if all that comes of it is some little news story. I think a well written, polite and informative email from several people regarding this issue would totally get this sort of story published. I'm almost sure of it. Who's in?
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    trippingballs Active Member

    I'm in, first we need to record our conversations, get evidence that we are being misinformed and outright lied to by HC etc. Let us all make our case. Starting now.
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    It would be interesting to inform then at the beginning of the call that " this call may be recorded for quality purposes "
    I wonder if they'd agree to that or just hang up...I bet hang up.
    Of course it's always okay if they do it.
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    trippingballs Active Member

    If it is ok for them it is ok for us. Common law. All the way :-D

    tommarijuana Well-Known Member

    Bravo for you man,pretty much how i feel about this whole mess with HC.If it's just a renewal you should be fast tracked thru and get your papers.Guess if theirs months behind opening applications,thats not going to help others.I'm with the got my script,good to go club.What else are you supposed to do with a 6 month script and wait times of 4+months.Will be 1 month tommorrow since i sent my renewal in.HC said 6 to 8 weeks ..i'll wait for 6 wks and give em a call.As i'm sure they wont be back even close to that.I signed for indoor and outdoor..were in canada not cali,limited season,but they don't care.Just potted up the rooted cuts today,seed plants got uppotted.Just continue on..can't wait till the 6 month script runs out shortly after you FINALLY hear back from the clowns.Too do what,go to the doc,get 6 mnth script,fill out forms.........................I'm a puppet,HC has a hand up my a** or maybe compare it to a gerbil wheel,going round and round,but getting nowhere.If your sick,just grow,the "system" is a very bad joke.

    "thccbdhealth, post: 13480735, member: 936991"]I have my renewal in the mail, almost a month ago now, and called health canada it isnt even loaded into their system yet, as they are currently opening mail from February.
    my current "regestration" is up for renewal next month...
    women on the phone trys to explain to me that ill be expected to destroy whatever i have if my regestration lapses.
    i had to inform her that it is my doctor, the prescription and the carter of rights that grant me the ability, Not you and health Canada's regestration process.
    she then proceeded to try and tell me that they are not prescriptions but medical recommendations.
    she then stated that its because its not considered medication....

    So what the fuck; this is health Canada's view of Medicinal Cannabis.
    I wont be coherent with their ideas should their paperwork take them to long, they have no reason to call the doctor's and waste their time either, they already have there hand written signature on an original prescription.
    and should the local inforcement come with an aggressive attitude, I will have to respond with charging them for each and every one of my plant count, should they un-earth then.
    while they waste more time, rescorces, and tax funded dollars with cannabis related charges while the courts can't process the cases of more deserving processing.

    Justin Trudeaus cabinet and government is a joke. Merijiwana Reform, Lier Campaigns on "legalization" and then sits on it for a year.

    Meanwhile tarnishing again the non useing publics views and uneducated doctors views of Medicinal Cannabis.[/QUOTE]

    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Or what about people who cant even afford to renew yearly let alone every 6 months with wtf Doctors are charging. HC knows this and does nothing to doctors or to speed their process up. They KNEW checking with EVERY doctor would take months if not years given the number of people registering. Its SUCH a broken, inefficient way to run it, that it HAS to be done on purpose .

    Do they think Doctors are sitting by the phone waiting to return calls like they dont have enough to do in a fucken day? I cant work but im too young for CPP to do fuck all. And I dont qualify for disability (yup thats right, MS 10 yrs now and counting and I dont qualify). Yet I already have to come up with close to another $1000 , 6 months later for renewal somehow.

    Its VERY clear wait times will continue to increase and its safe to assume it wont be getting better, since theyve only hired 15 new people to help, and their registration process was designed to fail even before implementation. Its also NOT an accident that theyre back dating to the date the doctor signs, that isnt done with ANY other medication in Canada. So whats the justification?

    And to top it off they somehow think theyll have the time and money to implement a plant tracking system for rec. Which TOTALLY wont track people(hahahaha yeah sure) To keep the kids safe of course. But us patients are once again fucked
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    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Very surprised this morning. Renewal received by HC march 3rd and I just got it back today. Was not expecting that. But now I'm good fer another year..
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    7 weeks isn't long to wait for legally prescribed shwags..:confused:

    awesome stuff!!
    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Actually it was a renewal to grow my the title of this thread indicates. So 7 weeks it's much faster then what I've been hearing. I can only assume it was faster coz i had no changes on my registration:confused:
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I understand fully
    A 7 week wait can cause issues is my point...

    zoic Well-Known Member

    It is ridiculous when you think about it. I could no longer endure the lineups to renew my license plate sticker, so I do it online and they mail me a sticker for my plate. We renew our prescriptions online as well. Why the hell can we not do that for a stupid license renewal to grow something we should not even need a license to grow in the first place.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    yer not allowed to make sense of something that makes nonsense:sleep:

    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Thats entirely too good of an idea and makes far too much sense for govt
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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    What if your medical need was pain management along with narcotics and you were paralyzed or a quadrapalygic or simply weren't as mobile as the general public.
    how would health Canada's system be working for you?

    i also see it as a barrier to access if they continue to try and instruct me to get rid of my medication should there paperwork lapse.
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Charging per gram is just plain theft imo. It's not legal but still goes on and HC seems to give 2 shits. I'd say HC is seeing it will discourage folks and send them to twood for some dirty poisoned wood.
    HC is NOT on our side. Expect no love there.
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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    The investigators on cbc should do a story about this flaud system
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Some of you folks know how HC works better than me and I'm trying to decide whether to apply for my grow permit but it seems f'ed up to me.

    Got my doctor's paper from last August but have heard that if I apply to grow now they back-date your grow permit to when you got that done. I plan to go back out to BC in late August of this year for my mom's 90th b-day and see a doc there to renew my medical registration but then would have to apply for a renewal for my grow permit once I have that in hand. As my grow permit would expire in late August, (if back-dated), as well and it takes a couple months at least for HC to do my paperwork that would mean I'll be illegal while I wait for my grow renewal or have to shut down my garden and destroy any pot to remain in compliance with current regulations. Am I correct in thinking that's how it works?

    I'm still on the fence about getting my grow permit for medicinal but a four plant limit of midget plants just ain't gonna work for me. :)

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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    Ya kinda confusing time to become a medical patient.
    first off If you join the ACMPR and then by the PM's own admission, last night during a televised event, you will be lumped into the
    I'm using the Medical system to get my recreational weed for fun smoking.
    I guess then all doctors must also be complicit this thinking...and are giving away mostly recreational prescriptions?

    So lets then say are a legit medical patient and require clean cannabis, and need to grow your own to ensure you don't end up buying legal
    but somehow tainted or maybe recalled mmj.
    Then you Must enter The ACMPR....and all of its pitfalls and delay's.

    then there is also the chance cannabis will become you could wait for that.. and the same mmj mentioned above will become recreational cannabis...
    then still requiring you to grow your own or have someone you know grow it for you to ensure a clean and uninterrupted supply of medicine at an affordable price.
    and will 4 mini plants be enough....of course not.

    oh and you might want to wrestle with the fact...the government at any time... once you become a medical mmj user....could just cough out all your info
    on a local level to expose you everyone in the community ....oh by say a letter with a huge window....and your info displayed there...

    these have become some of the toughest times ever to become a legit medical patient ...the barriers to access are all still there....and a few new ones added in.

    I'm not sure I would have taken part knowing what I do now...
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