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    kiwipaulie Well-Known Member

    Hey all. Sorry it's been a while. Just been so busy with the kids etc etc.

    Anyway here's an update. Girls in the vert tent underway again and my last horizontal grow I think 4 weeks into flower.

    Bit gutted as ill have to shut it all down this year for a few months. Go some work needed on the house. But one good this is that I will hopefully end up with more space so hopefully I can ditch the tents.

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    kiwipaulie Well-Known Member

    All good bro!! The fact I have been able to help one person makes me happy. :)
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    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    Looking healthy! I hope you can ditch the tents, that sounds so nice. Also hoping you don't have to wait too long in between, I know how that feels. I get sad without my girls around.
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    kiwipaulie Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm thinking it could be 3 months. So not to bad. Just sucks having to pull it all down and then set it all up again.

    I was wanting to take the family on a trip overseas, so maybe this will give me the time to do it, as I wasn't sure if my 5 gal buckets would last 7 days without being topped up, or they would have fuck all nutes / water after a week, well a fully flower plant. The small ones in veg would be fine.
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