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Labor Unions starting a third party

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ttystikk, Nov 4, 2017.

    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    I think you may have just said two opposing things at once there.

    I asked if you were against voluntary exchanges where two willing parties make an exchange, and you answered no.

    Then you advocated for exchanges where all of the participants may not be willing and suggested it was okay to use force for an external party to "manage" an exchange between other people.

    Yes, I am free to fuck off, but that doesn't explain your expressing two opposing views at once.

    I'm curious how far your meddling goes... Would you use force to make two of your neighbors interact if one or both had no interest in doing so ?

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    Life is full of contradictions. Society has a right to form rules. You are a slave. Get used to it.
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    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Thank you for tacitly admitting that you advocate for two opposing things.

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    Recognizing and embracing contradictions is a sign of being a mature, reasonable person. Try it some time.
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    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Baseball is a statutorily protected Monopoly. Fuck baseball.

    And here you are arguing free markets using baseball as an example.

    No one needs to call you stupid, fella- you're doing a bang up job all by yourself!
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Baseball is a game. Major league baseball is a business. You are doing a bang up job of conflating the two.

    I used a mutual and peaceful trade as an example of what a free market transaction might look like. You still throw like a girl.

    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    what did obama do to unionize right to work states? what color is he?

    no need to answer.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I their like someone with a bad shoulder.

    You still have an impressive ability to ignore reality completely.
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    If you define reality as that which occurs on a regular and routine basis, you have defined what many would say is "normal" . Then if you examine what has become normal human behavior, you would realize it isn't based in reality, since it relies on rationalizations, contradictions etc. and often features systemic human actions and processes which rely on holding two opposing beliefs at once.

    In other words, just because something really occurs a certain way, and by that reoccurrence those actions and beliefs become normal, it doesn't mean it is what is really happening or should happen.

    In reality though, you still throw like a girl.

    londonfog Well-Known Member

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    Fogdog Well-Known Member


    Right field is yours -- Eye contact with Janeane Garofalo


    Fogdog Well-Known Member

    I know you can't understand this but Obama as president didn't have the power to write laws. He did work with Congress to get right to work laws removed but Congress balked.

    Maybe you should take a remedial civics class. I don't know why you needed to ask.

    Obama is a black man. Does my saying that get you hot?

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    She'll never be CEO of a company with a name like that - Bernie Supporters

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