MMAR/ACMPR will continue with legalization...

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by CannaReview, Apr 16, 2017.


    TwistedToker Well-Known Member

    Drugged driving includes more than cannabis. Until there is an equal focus, enforcement and penalties for driving after using legal opiates, it will be challenged and struck down. We have the same government monopoly on car insurance in BC...ICBC is slimy as fuck. I won't give up my license or change my habits...we'll see what happens. I've never been questioned about cannabis and driving in my 50+ years and have a clean driving record (not even a speeding ticket) so let's see them try to prove impairment.

    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Whaaaaaaaat? Holy shit I guess that never crossed the Liberals minds as an option........ Gotta protect those kids from the tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of drivers just itching to drive high when the clock strikes midnight and it rolls over to the first day of legalization............

    I mean look at all the studies that say itll happen,............oh wait
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    trippingballs Active Member

    How about all those studies that show driving on pot causes accidents? Are there even any at all?
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    TheRealDman Well-Known Member

    There's prolly already that many high drivers on the road one is waiting. It's funny to, cuz most get thru the drive with zero issues, EVER!
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Totally read that as " most get thru the drive thru with zero issues"
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    TheRealDman Well-Known Member

    That prolly is the only issue with driving under the influence of MJ, holding up the drive thru!
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    Gatorgold Well-Known Member

    I agree with Dman. But as most of you know, there is no study or studies that I have heard of that says such a level causes impairment. So yes the arrests will happen, then the charter challenges will start, and we will see eventually what the outcome is.

    I personally at age 58 have never seen or directly know of a single person that claims they were impaired by cannabis which caused the crash.

    Plus do they have impairment levels or tests for driving for such things as prescription medication, and I am not just talking about narcotics. Hell drugs like anti depressants have many affects like dizziness, impaired thinking etc etc.

    So lots to think about for sure.
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    It's criminal if you do it. If the government does it, it's okay.


    chex1111 Well-Known Member

    Unreasonable restrictions. No plan on how to enforce them. Has anyone here ever seen a TPP inspector? I've had people telling me "oh they're sweeping through, shutting down med grows, they're in the area!" Yep, sure. So these inspectors only show for the LP's. It's going to be the police running around counting plants, and measuring them and weighing them now? Like when they were busting down doors in the early MMAR days?

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