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    dirtWeevil Well-Known Member

    spicy hashy flavor, no idea what a moth's balls taste like but I bet its like old bourbon and regret.
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    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    I thought they tasted like elderly Asian women?

    dirtWeevil Well-Known Member

    did they really have to include the sting ray? :fire:

    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    it would have taken me longer to figure it out without it lol.

    not much for an update but all 12 dog cage popped and are in the dirt, so to speak. they are actually in rockwool croutons soaked with liquid karma and GH rapid start. IMG_1529.JPG

    dirtWeevil Well-Known Member

    I've got three tiny dog cage going, hopefully I get a nice female, I'm really looking forward to this one.

    day thirteen of curing is the day the hell mint went from average to easy to over do lol. I've got seedlings sprouted of the hell mint x gorilla dog cross going in a live worm tub along with thank you jerry, two different phenos of hell monkey and a gorilla dawg four weeks in

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    Chemodo Breath lower at day 64


    RangerJ Well-Known Member

    Just popped some Hell Monkey 3 that was given to me..... Ill post updates

    Mendolivin Member

    I got three of the dog cages going and three of the hell monkey. Everything sprouted. The dog cages seem to be doing well and starting vigorously. The hell monkeys are going a little slower

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Chemodo Breath one of two phenos looking right. This is gonna be good already seeing major fire from my bro Littlejohn on his. Here she is before the flip got a nice top dress of some good stuff she's gonna stack nice

    IMG_1153.JPG IMG_1152.JPG
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    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    Chemodo Breath might be my favorite strain. I am re vegging lowers because I stupidly did not take a cut.

    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    hey pinhead, any particular phenos to look out for in the dog cage? they are still just tiny little fuckers at the moment but i have been taking notes on all my strains as far as finish times, nute strength, phenos etc...
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    pin head

    pin head Well-Known Member

    I ended up with a pheno that I couldn't believe. The Chem dog genetics are strong for sure. That one was majorly hash planty with a medium stretch. It looked nothing like either parents and more like Chem D. It was very similar to other plants that I have so I gave the clone to a friend because I don't have space to keep it with all my other moms.

    Look for the extremely vigorous stretchy phenos that turn into tall bushes with wide internodal spacing and lots of side branching. Those will likely be like the glue fire which is pretty much a gigantic massive gorilla glue number four. Very very subtle taste diffferemces. Same powerhouse potency. :bigjoint:

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    pin head

    pin head Well-Known Member

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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    dayamn, sign me up next drop..
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    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Got that Hell Breath on deck. Heads up, "heavy hitter" comin' up to bat.

    @BigLittlejohn Now you put the pressure on with that pic, tough act to follow. After that "home run", anything less than a Grand Slam ain't even worthy. I'm swinging for the fences. :bigjoint:

    Why am I talkin' "Baseball", when we've got the Super Bowl this Sunday? Amateur hour. I better just stick to grillin'.

    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    dog cage doing their thing. got them under the 6500K LED so they are about to blow up.
    pin head

    pin head Well-Known Member

    Go Pats! :smile:

    They look happy as can be! Nice job on the germination!

    indianajones Well-Known Member

    hey @pin head nice to see another myco-nerd around. i used
    to run a penis envy clone that was labelled "prof pinhead's PE",
    wonder if it came from you. got it from a mycotek guy i know IRL.
    funny how mushroom clones get passed around the same as
    herb, just less often.
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    pin head

    pin head Well-Known Member

    Hey man. Yea, that is definitely my clone. That thing is potent as fuk. She is still destroying people on the east coast I believe. I know at one point she was out west too not sure if she's still kicking around out there. It is the same exact scene for sure only the mushroom scene is much smaller. Definitly a lot less circulated clones. I haven't grown cubes in a long time now. Between my kids and the seed company I don't have time nor can I take the risks with that stuff these days. :mrgreen: At some point in the horizon I'll get back into medicinals and edibles. It's just finding the time is definitly not happening at the moment.

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