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Mycotek seed company

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Eastcoasttreez, Jul 12, 2016.


    martyg Well-Known Member

    I need some mycotek gear in my collection!!!!!
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    martyg Well-Known Member

    Here's a shot of my veg. Multiple strains. IMG_2638.JPG IMG_2639.JPG

    martyg Well-Known Member

    Any recommendations for a purchase of mycotek gear? I wanna order something
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    martyg Well-Known Member

    Just grabbed the missing link @ shn bogo sale. Oh yeah!!!

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Chemodo Breath 6 weeks in and killing. Stacking, frosty and stinky as hell hardly any stretch and very easy to grow. Beside the few sacs early in flower that were plucked had no issues. Dont think clone run will show any they were on powers and cookies tend to do that on the lowers but if she does so on next run may not keep her. Just transplanted another clone yesterday so next run under way.

    More mycotek going down of Thank You Jerry in remembrance of Jerry. Got 3 males first seed pop but all females coming this time with Jerry blessing. Here's Chemodo Breath

    IMG_1326.JPG IMG_1327.JPG IMG_1332.JPG IMG_1331.JPG IMG_1333.JPG

    SensiPuff Active Member

    I know this probably isn't the right place to ask, but since pinhead mentioned nematodes a few pages back I was wondering... once introduced to a soil system ( I recycle soil in a big bin and reuse it) how long do nematodes stay in the soil?
    Will I ever need to buy more or do they colonize and stay? Thanks for the replies. I haven't had any pest issues since introducing them, but I want to stay ahead of things here.
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    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    You have to replenish them. If they have nothing to feed on they die. When they die the pests come, thats been my experience anyway.
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    SensiPuff Active Member

    Thank you for the info sir
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    Southerner Well-Known Member

    Anyone as excited as I am to see Tangie in one of Mycotek's new releases w/ the Orange Chemeleon? I know i'll be digging through these soon enough, looking for those dank citrus terps.

    bongzillla Active Member

    Gonna take down this Alien Anti-freeze at about 8-9 weeks tonight , I would like to go another week but due poor weather and more poor weather ahead the fat colas's are going moldy......... this plant grew some very fat nugs. IMG_1449[1].JPG IMG_1447[1].JPG

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