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S1 seeds

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by shepj, Apr 18, 2009.

    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member


    i would think it's highly probable...
    depends on how much ruderalis is in the genes...

    nope, hybrids will vary genetically, some more ruderalis, some less...

    colorado went from 2800 a lb to 760 a lb, so that's a pretty good indicator...
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    #1: :roll: NO! (S1 male's are a male version of the females genetic structure - minus the "female" part.....1:3000 is the given ratio of males to females in selfed seeds)

    #2: USE THIS for the "non-silver ingredient" = Sodium Thiosulfate, Anhydrous, USP Grade

    #3: You want actual balls to be thrown......"Banana" type blossoms are only about 20% viable - some even less...
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    @cat of curiosity

    "I'm wondering now if the Northern Lights might do better on a 12/12 schedule to induce more flowers. It's on 24/0."

    And kitty said
    i would think it's highly probable...

    LOL, your too kind! LOL!
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    ive made lots of S1's using tiresias mist, but its expensive. the seeds are female but all are not identicle to the mother,,why? its only her genetics wright? anyways i just purchased some 240ppm coildal siver from amazon i hope it works like the tiresias mist,, ill spray the branch once a day till i see balls...what is in tiresias mist? will the coildal silver i bought work just as well?

    Bio-Silver" Ultra Colloidal Silver Spray, 240 ppm, 2 oz (59.14 ml)

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    Liquid Silver 16 oz. 240 PPM , Silver Mountain Minerals, (Medical Purity Silver most Bioavailable colloidally suspended nano particles)
    Silver Mountain Minerals

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    Daniel Lawton

    Daniel Lawton Active Member

    There's an article here on making colloidal silver which implies the stuff you buy won't work as well. It's said to tend to damage the plant. I can only say, I made my own and it's damaged no plants.

    Thanks guys for the info. I'll try giving the ladies some darkness next round.

    3000:1 male seeds anyway? So one in 4 plants maybe will produce one?

    Here's how many seeds I'm getting out of a White Widow (see pic if they're serving them). All of the buds are fully seeded. This is from fluffing a plant next to it, when that plant was at the prime of making pollen. A big yellow cloud came off.

    I tried using a brush on another, but that plant only has a few seeds per bud. I'll be lucky to get 50 off that plant.

    Looks to me like, flowers don't share pollen. That was one question I had. Can you put pollen on a few hairs, and the ones below will get some too? Seems like a no answer. Apparently the pollen hydrates on the white haird, and grows a little shoot which penetrates into the hair, and goes down to find the potential seed at the bottom.

    After the poor brush results, I tried dropping pollen into an enclosed trashcan with a fan in it. Closed the lid, left the plant in there a while.

    Still didn't work as well as having massive amounts of pollen fluffed over the plant by my hands.

    This white widow was in a 24/0 cycle the whole time, though since it's gotten so many seeds I turn the lights off a few hours at night. With the advice from this group, I might make it longer.

    U.C. Davis (the arguably most prestigious agricultural university in the USA), is rumored to have a Marijuana department coming along. Maybe they'll quantify and measure things, so we know the optimum scientific grow conditions for all common varieties. They already provide most of the grape and rose stock in California. Perhaps they'll provide pot plants too. If you're old enough to notice that California wine has gotten very very good over the last 30 years, that's largely thanks to U.C. Davis's scientific fermenting techniques. So set them loose on marijuana!

    This white widow with seeds grew entirely on LED bulbs. One 24W, one 54W. I worried a bit about whether it needed some white light. Had curled leaves at times. But it grew anyway. And just before I snapped this photo, it had a ton of yellow and brown fan leaves. I guess that's normal?

    About LED grow bulbs: If the LED bulb on ebay says it's 24W, it's probably no more than 11W. If it says 54W, you'll get 29W if you're lucky. But sometimes, a less than $22 chinese bulb rated at 54W is only 12W.

    The LED bulb makers get away with horrible exaggerations.. Probably they don't even have the means to measure.

    Maybe I'll measure and import some low cost single plant bulbs from Taiwan, so people can trust the ratings. In the long run, there's no reason for 24W grow bulbs to cost more than $10.

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    Daniel Lawton

    Daniel Lawton Active Member

    Here's an example of another way you could make S1 seeds, if you just want to keep a few plants for personal use, and not have to buy more seeds (I recommend buying them sometimes however, the seed growers deserve to make money).

    I sprayed 2 branches of this AK47 with colloidal silver, but overdid it because it was my first time. When the buds on the rest of the plant matured to the point they had to be harvested, I gave up on seeds, cut them off, and left this AK47 in the corner to die (but watered it anyway).

    Turns out, it started making pollen once I left it alone a week or two. Two more weeks, it was bursting. So I fluffed up each branch, to see if I could make seeds on the few miserable looking white hairs that managed to stick out of the male converted buds.

    It now has at least 6 seeds and looks like they'll live long enough to be viable.

    So, if someone bought some nice autoflower seeds to make pot, they could still spray a couple of lower branches with colloidal silver, leave the rest alone, harvest the pot, and likely get seeds later on. Risk is (I guess) that you get seeds on the harvest part too. Maybe just over spray to slow the male branches down? Out of the rest of the buds I harvested, there were no seeds.

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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    This is a form of "Stress" reversal....Not the best results from that. You get unstable plants that are more prone to bisexual expression....
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Proper STS RULES! Screw colloidal alone!
    Daniel Lawton

    Daniel Lawton Active Member

    So my colloidal silver isn't the reason that AK47 made seeds? It was keeping it around a long time! I should have remembered that. But now I can say I did it the "natural" way too.

    With the STS, do you usually need to spray it a second time, and how do you know when that's warranted?
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    You spray once till it's running off the leaves.
    You put it under 12/12 right then!
    It will take about 4 weeks till pollen drop.

    Note: You will see leaves "yellow" but they return to green in about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.
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    Daniel Lawton

    Daniel Lawton Active Member

    Thank you!

    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    leaving a female in flower long after she was ripe to get pollen = rhodilization method

    ive had variable results w/ this method,, first u need to be sure the female does not herm easily,, then some females never create pollen, and its a wasted plant..
    Daniel Lawton

    Daniel Lawton Active Member

    I've been buying quality seeds from overseas. So presumably I don't have to worry about herming.

    However, seems like a good plan to me to harvest all your pot when it's ready, but let a bud or two keep going to see if they'll go male and also make seeds? I'm looking at 4-6 viable seeds on the AK47 I put out to die.

    On the other hand, there's a 6 plant limit in California. The old one hanging around is stopping me from trying another variety.
    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses folks, he's here all week.
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    i buy seeds from quality breeders too, but u still cant be sure.. u need to stress test each female before u breed w/ her..

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    I love forums. So funny to read long winded responses with the last line "I could be wrong" or "I am really not too sure, but I was stoned once and read something, or it came to me in a dream"..gotta love it
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    She has a lot in her gene pool, and you are seeing what might come out. True breeding varieties might be closer to identical, but polyhybrids and such are going to have many expressions as it's an in cross, or an f2 but you've limited the pairs to only what she can offer. So if she has some recessive traits you might be seeing a lot of the come out whereas whatever the dad was in the previous generation maybe you see much of what he donated in the mom you selfed. I could be wrong and am really stoned and read this somewhere, also sometimes I dream :bigjoint:
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    Daniel Lawton

    Daniel Lawton Active Member

    So, here's the question on my mind I haven't gotten an answer to. What do you get from reputable seed breeders?

    I've been making seeds lately, and giving them out (California). The results of crosses between seeds from a reputable dealer are a lot more stable than I expected. Ten seeds grow as a cross between White Widow and Super Skunk grew to be so similiar, any difference would likely just be from lighting position or watering.

    Does that imply the seeds breeders are sending out seeds with stable genetics?

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    Excuse my ignorance but googling is confusing.

    If I grow 10 Kush seeds and select a male n female to breed, what are the resulting seeds called?
    Just more Kush seeds? Lol

    macsnax Well-Known Member


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