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  • East coast has some great surf spots!

    Loved the Williams Wonder grow and the Canna folklore!

    I had a giant black Canna seed in 1980 that was amazing. First true leaves had 5 blades and they looked like stars. Not like any of the lanky thin Sativa I had grown before. Mom found my grow and I had to pull it! Been looking for info about giant black seeds ever since. Last week my 1981 Canna breeding book arrived and it describes strains and their seeds. Hindu Kush had giant black seeds. So I guess it was Kush! Wish there was a Canna history book with all of these great strains and how they got introduced to the mainstream.
    Thanks bro so i have 2 7 gallon plastic pots i bought some soil called victory something and i put 2 seeds in there didnt germinate them . I have them outside inthe yard really don't have a place to put them in my house i have a spot in my closet but its open and i have a lamp i was thinking of putting over it because nothing has sprouted yet. Should i leave outside and hope for the best or what?
    What up bro a is bad to ask for a # to ask questions or u ify ? About that just want my plants to grow u know don't really wanna b a bother tho if na its ku
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