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    Which of the three looks better?

    brothers in Belgium
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    Rolling table

    And I thought it was a table for rolling joints
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    Can police detect a 300W Led light with helicopters?

    Their not out looking for your 5 little plants
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    Use these
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    Yea still burp and personally the hay smell either harvested to early or buds still moist. Take them out overnight on a plate and then put back in. Good bud Smell will come back
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    Which of the three looks better?

    My brother takes his when trims but still on stem and rolls up in wax paper and then Saran Wrap and compresses it for like 3 hours then finishes trimming and buds are compact
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    Which of the three looks better?

    Third looks denser
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    Mars Hydro Halloween Gift Voucher Giveaway

    Fc4800 or ts3000
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    My first plants

    I would nearly fill those pots all the way up
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    Brown at the tips of leaves

    Looks like soils to hot and to dry
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    Is a plant has had a previous bug problem is it still smokable ???

    Wouldn’t smoke if sprayed the buds. Not sure if a bath would help or not
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    2 month veg yields?

    453.592 grams