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    Cheap idea for a pot stand

    These were only $3 each
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    Cheap idea for a pot stand

    Would like if had local access to it. Was in a pinch when went from always 4 to 8 plants and ones with casters they had for plants or raised were $24 each for the cheapest ones on hand. Still waiting for stock to ever come in
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    Cheap idea for a pot stand

    I have plastic trays they go in. Shop vac out if needed but I don’t have much run off when using blumatts
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    Is my Purple Kush ready for harvest yet?

    I would give it 2 weeks
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    Cheap idea for a pot stand

    Just throwing this idea for anyone on budgets. Can Use the metal paint roller tray for bucket from Home Depot and use to raise pots off floor and have a stand for fiber pots if you like to keep bottom open
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    Too much Nutes?

    Nothing wrong but should use natural light when asking for advise on plants
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    Any suggestions

    Keep the 2000 as a backup
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    Any suggestions

    If budget is concerned I would use something like mars fc6500
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    Small commercial growing startup

    Here they will be testing randomly at your facility also. Don’t think you won’t get caught with that one skunk plant on the side
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    Small commercial growing startup

    Strange here in Texas you can get a lic to grow hemp but from what I read no female plants only males thc no more than 1%. Guess it’s ok if you wanna make rope. Also going into business how much capital you have. If you only have enough for one light then I believe it will go no where’s. I wanna...
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    Any one use this potting mix

    Any one use and their opinions
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    Air pot size for Northern Lights Auto

    @twentyeight.threefive May have this awnser
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    mexican brick weed

    They do in Holland. Called bottom of the barrel