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  • Hey, saw some of your posts and if you don't mind, I'd like some advice.

    I have an infestation of both PM and SM. I treated the SM with Floramite doing the dipping process, it killed all the adults and now 2 days later all the eggs are hatching. I'm worried to do another dipping in case it's too much and it will kill my clones. What do you suggest I do now? I have too many to physically wipe down.

    Also, how can I remove PM at the same time as SM if they like different environments? One hates cold, one hates warm. I'm so worried and confused.
    thanks for checking out my grow. i did quite a bit of research before i started this first grow solo. ive been apart of many coop grows so to speak. but this one i can call my own. all hydro has worked for pretty much eliminates bugs and such. but it doesnt have the flavor of outdoor grown in the soil or indoor in soil. it does produce alot more when it comes to yields deom what ive experienced myself anyway
    Hi thank for posting to me im new and im looking for a set up that work for me,and some help getting me going
    I have never grown pot for money, but I do have an interest in the plant because I enjoy a good tasting reefer. I know many ways to grow pot, depending on the situation. I have kinda gotten attached to cloning and lava rock flood and drain systems because of the reliability and the requirements of the systems can be obtained from sources that haven't anything to do with growing pot.....
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