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  • Thanks for letting me know to top now and stop. I already got one girl that just started flowering yesterday... I assume I shouldn't top her?
    I just harvested the first caramel candy kush, and have cloned drizella and soliloqueen(I have 3 mothers of this strain cuz' I hear it's even better than the drizz.). I've been trying to keep Sannie's off the front page here until after I place a fairly larger order of his sativa mixed packs. He says his orders have almost doubled recently, and I know this site gets him a LOT of business when we post.

    Mornin' Brimck,

    In response to your visitor message,
    Professor P's gear is awesome, I've cloned a few strains that are going into the ground this summer.
    What are you talking about? but a hermie had properties of both and if you dont see a male right away and shows characteristics of a female it can pollinate itself and all the ones around it ruining the whole lot with plants that will turn hermie
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