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    Old School Skunk, who's found it???

    It’s “getaway” not “gateway”
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    Oklahoma Growers Thread!

    14% moisture would be dust
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Looking ahead to next year What’s the fastest finishing CSI strain for outdoors? grew some original big bad wolf this year and while it’s looking awesome still has a ways to go
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    Outdoor and humidity

    I tried this for the first time outdoors this year For the last couple years I’ve been getting leaf septoria right when they start flowering. i foliar sprayed once then a week later gave the soil a good drenching Knocked the piss outta the septoria Think I’ll give them another root drench soon...
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    Oklahoma Growers Thread!

    It’s on my Bradford pears they look horrible
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    Oklahoma Growers Thread!

    What do you treat it with Ive used a copper fungicide but doesent seem to help much
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Anybody run Big bad Wolf I’ve got 4 outside I’ve been topping but they are getting huge Wondering if they’ll be done by mid October
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    Oregon Outdoor, 2021

    I deal with a week or 2 of over 100 degrees out here in the Midwest every summer Just keep’em watered and they do fine almost thrive if it’s going to be near 100 I water in the morning and again mid afternoon
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    Homemade oil for my vape pen

    Why do Islamic people keep asking you for this stuff?
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    Breeding for authentic sativa happiness. Mextiza, Thai, Angola, Senegal...

    Could you explain this “fermenting”
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    Any tricks to help not make the joint burn so fast.

    Baptize that bitch
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    Homemade oil for my vape pen

    What did it smell like? I use everclear very little smell