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  • howdy fella. strainin and strainin but can't make out that signature of yours :D mocking where mocking deserves though!
    lookin good, very healthy but i still havn't pulled the plug on the so called male. But for sure soon and my younger one doing really good not all deformed looks amazingps: ill get some pics soon
    I still look at the pictures of females and I my plant still hasn't show any signs of balls but still no signs of female but I think it's more female like cause it has the shape of where the pistiles come out of I don't know I'll let you know in a few days thanks
    sorry about the pic issue but here you go...see the little things by the stem and leafs some guy straight up told me its a dam male??? and yeah my one leaf is having trouble nute burn... look second pichttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3414/4613739476_e3d152a4b9.jpghttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3557/4613702540_70122ae9f2.jpg
    And is that your dog in your profile pic? Kinda creepy pic with the glowing eyes. Definitely a "Kodak Moment". lol
    yea, i'm definitely doing LST on this grow. I kinda regret not doing it on my grow that's in flower right now, but oh well (White Rhino and a bagseed). And your twins are looking good! hoping to see some progress on mine when I get home from work. Will post pics, as well start another album for the grow to go with my current grow's albums...
    Doing good. Talk about "bang for your buck" though, right? 2 for 1 deal! The pics I put up were from just last night, so no real progress from that point yet. How about yours?
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