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    Best autoflower strains and websites

    Sure thing, Tiflis- ANODYNE (meaning pain killing, pain relief) is a photoperiod that has ample and shared ~1:1 CBD:thc. A Harlequin/Sunshine Day Dream x Sour Tsunami hybrid Two powerful high CBD strains with clear headed high. It’s not your average high CBD strain. Crossing both created an...
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    Best autoflower strains and websites

    Beauuuuuutiful, there Frank! We've got some even better hybrids to grow and prosper. Thanks for sharing!!
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    Best autoflower strains and websites

    Thanks, Frank! I was hoping to see you on here! We've got an exciting lineup this year. More Jack auto exquisite hybrids, an Iranian blueberry auto, or former Blitzioid married to Jack/WW, and espec. happy about the Auto CBD hybrids.....great for making balm,s, salves. As some of you may know...
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    First post in a forum ever!

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Bag seed was the early '80's Emery's catalog, and decades later....alive and swell!! Keep em growing!
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    First post in a forum ever!

    Bravo! Plants look great! Post away. You get accustomed to posting after a few.
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    Up to too much good!

    Been working on two fabulous auto CBD hemp hybrids: TRANQUIL and TRANQUIL x EU. fast CBD hemp auto hybrid- both excellent for those making their own medicine, indooras as well as al fresco. TESTERS in another forum featuring Gas & Guns, and a reworked (lower thcx) hybrid, NUMBSKULL for those...
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    Auto Grow In Soil

    Excellent! Keep em growing!!
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    New growth light green/yellow ish

    1 TBS Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate) w/ gallon of water. Perks up yellowish foliage. Have no idea about remo supercharge. Opposite side of the coin...too much fertilizer can cause yellowing leaves. Find out what's wrong and address it.
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    I'm having a hard time buying seeds with a visa. Are there any sites that are easy?

    Yeah, Real Gorilla is good, along with their partner SeedBay. Credit card purchases are difficult to come by due to banking rules. Good luck on everyone's grows!!
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    Too small for 12 days?

    Yes. With the light, your seedlings should be doing well. Hopefully, they'll kick start soon. Good luck!
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    Disappointed with the 420 promo at Seedsman.

    Time to get those genetics growing and breed your own, wil
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    Soil acting weird

    That's why DIY KNOW what's in it! Good luck on your grows. We always found HF/FF to be a little too acidic.
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    Supposed to be Fem Autos.... Lol Thoughts?

    Yes, start over. Seed banks like Seedsman are re-packagers, meaning you aren't (at times) getting what you ordered, they repackage seeds, especially if you are only purchasing 1-3 seeds. Go with a reliable supplier/seed bank who responds to your communication.
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    Auto Grow In Soil

    You can use that on all three. Biggest mistakes folks make are over watering and over fertilizing. We've grown thousands of autos in 14+ years. The key is watering (we only use organic boosting in flower stage) with nutrient solution every 3 waterings. As they pack on girth, every 2 waterings...
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    first grow need help

    Do you have a pic? Environment is crucial. Why 2 fans? And how old are the seedlings? What grow medium are you using?