Up to too much good!


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Been working on two fabulous auto CBD hemp hybrids: TRANQUIL and TRANQUIL x EU. fast CBD hemp auto hybrid- both excellent for those making their own medicine, indooras as well as al fresco. TESTERS in another forum featuring Gas & Guns, and a reworked (lower thcx) hybrid, NUMBSKULL for those wanting medicinal relief without the paranoia. It's been a hit so far.
Taking Dustin Sulak's Medicinal Cannabis class....his mantra, "LESS IS MORE" to get back to functioning through medicinal concepts of marijuana. NUMBSKULL is a good day time strain, about 8-9% thc, heavy Afghan genes, helping with relief of pain, anxiety- basically a COVID coping strain. My ruffian loves the leaves, too! ;o)Speaking of COVID, we developed in late autumn and into 2021, QUARANTINI, a sativa leaning, zowie thc hit, lemony and likable!

Others in the works finishing numerous CBD hemp and auto strains. One colorful photoperiod is Green Gelato x Lucky Charms. And flavorful- mmmm mmmm!

Good to see all that are growing autos and enjoying them!! Having bred for last 14 years, autoflowers have come far, what was miles away, is now around the corner! Grow 'em great, folks!