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  • Hey dude. Hope you are flying the fuck out of some drones and surveying the shit out of everything a credit economy will permit. Miss you around here.
    Really pissing me off, sorry about what I have called you, I miss you, please call back (I'm not gay, well, maybe for you)
    Where the fuck are you?
    write a message on my page. I'm worried, and I don't do that much, especially for a Jew.
    Just give me your name , so I will be able to find you. You can search me also, Jimdamick.
    Subtle and mysterious, the expert leaves no trace.
    Sun Tsu
    I just did a search on for Doer. Is that your sister?(very, very nice) I didn't think you were Cambodian.
    Anyway, I just spent five dalla on that site for a Gold membership, and I want some ASS!!!(namely yours) What's next, I am clueless as to how to play a match. I am on as Jimdamick, what are you on as? Please reply, at your convenience, soon, as I will luv victimizing you, you Zionist pig.
    Peace out
    I am about to zugwang your ass into submission. You will wish you were in Cambodia :) That is after I finish with zwischzug till you bleed.

    But, I don't know how to challenge you with no time limit.
    How about 30 min. per?

    As to when? Don't worry. The art or surprise, is....well....surprise.
    The 65's I was looking at had over 4k k an l a piece so if I used both it would be over 8k on both right? Would that be somewhat ideal? What do you think the yield will look like?
    Hey Doer, I was just re-reading your post "eso" and noticed that my gut was correct about the overcoming of the 3 poisons. Totally cool because I was really just flowing at the time. I know I know, flowing :)
    Pr does not use that account anymore , why not try ad blocker? no more ads :D
    ...a thought: past present future can be seen by seers. So, now I wonder about 'doers'. Seems about right, so, is there a 'be-er'? :lol:
    Hey Doer, future self is the son... I've been pondering that one. From 3 to 4, and 4 to 5. The 4 elements that are basic building blocks for matter, plus that 'all encompassing' circle of consciousness equal 5. Or, the '5th'. Is this along the lines of what you mean? (I'm amplifying here, please don't mind)
    ! "mem" the water. Also, MEMory :) What a gift!

    ...reminds me of "it's a poor sort of memory that only works backward".
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