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  • Btw, I also cannot PM people it seems, but would like to be able to send such messages to you. Weird forum rules.
    Nice setup you've got there! Do you find it hard to manage all the DWC buckets independently without running an RDWC or undercurrent type of setup? Why didn't you go with RDWC?
    Hi, I'm about to become a cargiver, and want to know the laws as a caregiver, can i supply multiple patients? ect.. those types of basic questions.
    Hi, I am a new MA MMJ patient who would like to talk. I don't have PMing permission yet. So, I believe you can PM me with your contact info and we can meet. Thanks, Bill
    Hi my name is Dan and I have epilepsy. Because of my disorder I can't drive unless I go 6 months seizure free. I was wondering if you deliver to patients because I live in Mass. I can't grow since I live with my parents, and I can't run to a dispensary without a car. If and when you get this please message me back and if you shoot me your email I send you my cell # so please let me know, thanks in advance for the help.
    Have been wanting to try papaya for a little bit...and the 3 in flower are great strains for me. Peripheral Neuropathy for a while...percs and oxy just make me feel gross and vic's dont work anymore. Not nice being in pain all the time and working in retail doesnt help either. I am truly in need of medicine and so glad the Dr. finally signed off...he made me take narcotics for 3 years before signing off on the MMP...unbelievable
    Absolutely...perpetual harvest is definitely the way to go. My needs will not be huge and I currently have no caregivers so I am very interested. What strains are you currently growing?
    Hey there Friendly Caregiver! I saw you looked at my profile...are you currently looking for patients? New RI MMP and in need of reliable, quality, close by caregiver. I have spots on my reg if a good relationship is built. In need of medicine at the moment...currently no caregivers and no medicine. Let me know if you can help! Thanks in advance
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