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    Mainlining update 3 months training

    subbed. i wanna see those colas
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    Am I Right

    think it could be too cold?
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    Why no blue light in some LEDs?

    No, i will not make out with you. You got Chlorophyll Man up there talking about God knows what and all you can talk about is making out with me? I'm here to learn, everybody, not to make out with you. Go on with the chlorophyll.
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    Why no blue light in some LEDs?

    the blue is in the white chlorophyll, more like borophyll.. amirite?
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    Quantum Boards / Too much Yapping no proof

    in 2021 it doesn't matter IF led grows better weed it is about WHO can MAKE led grow better weed. in a legalized world the man isn't gonna let you plug in 10,000 watts of lightbulbs from 1968...
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    Can you tan under hlg lights?

    pretty sure since there is no UVA it would actually bleach your skin, not tan. But idk.
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    sevin dust

    this thread right here is the reason I only smoke my own
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    White mildew issue

    need to fix the problem that is causing the powdery mildew. get more air flow, lower humidity defoliate anything with the mildew on it immediately
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    its been a minute but was wondering if you guys could help

    they look fine it doesn't look like they have any problem you could put them into flower right now if you want
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    Rust spots help

    don't feed them more. they are overfed already. it looks like a pH problem. what is your medium? probably want to water them with some pH 6.5 water with a light but complete nutrient solution
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    DIY with Quantum Boards

    There is nothing inherently wrong with participation trophies. But they are a symbol of our entitlement culture that has gotten out of control. They teach us that we should be rewarded not for our achievements but instead for trying our best. And that is just not how the world works. The old...
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    DIY with Quantum Boards

    My point was supposed to be about my generation. Us kids who got trophies for losing. They make shitty adults. Whatever profession they chose. And that's why a lot of industries seem to be falling apart, in my opinion. Not specific to computer programming but that just happens to be the field...
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    DIY with Quantum Boards

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    DIY with Quantum Boards

    I didn't mean to offend you, PJ. You won the argument, ok? Computer programmers are great and getting better every day...
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    DIY with Quantum Boards

    Haha i knew I'd pinch a nerve with all the "programmers". Ok man.