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  • hey do you happen to have a copy of Hobbes weed science ebook? I been looking all over the place for that thing.
    My multistrain Nightmare aka operation overgrow this stupid state :) dont look here
    my thread
    i got 10 fem mi5 auto flowers, had 10 russian rocket fuels(five girls rest dead lol), i got 5 Jamaican og (reg, photo, dont know sexes yet), and five fem black russian's, all popped soil arountd dec 10th, auto flowers are already doing jus that, i have them in a 4x4 tent all together for now under a 600w mh, i have a second 4x4 tent on standbye with another 600w ballast for the photoplants, oh the bulb is conversion, of course im going to hps soon :), im about to post pics on my auto flowering plants new top growth is yellow, in my plants defense and my chargin i didnt feed til yesterday, they in fox farm ocean forest, im jus not sure if its a N def or light stress ass i have that light maybe 1.5 away from plants, i have active air circulation and hum and temps stay at about 35% and 75 degrees, i am running the light 24/7 so i dont fucken know lol, im so happy yallstill here, u and fdd first i hit up lol, before i even posted :)
    mr cervantes... do you remember me? i am jtotheitothedblmwhy lol if your still around re add me im back to operation overgrow
    Hi! Hi!

    I would like to ask for help!
    I have the best fun, social and looking for variety!
    I would like to smoke with my friends a very Joyful,the HYSTERICAL laughter during conversation.

    Everyone laughs laughter of the other...
    I want to weep with joy the friends

    want something that makes
    high and happy with my friends.
    exactly what I want:
    Top Effect:
    2. Humor conversation
    3. All steps Laughter is very strong , almost crying

    I want this feeling ,
    the sound of the essence.

    Super Lemon Haze?
    Seed bank?
    oh im gonna look that calcarb shit up does it affect the leavs bein on them or anything i could do with co2 boost
    Hey there GoldenGanja,, sorry my inbox was full when you sent me a private messg, but i cleared some space if you wanna try again?
    Mmmm, I don't normally do IMs, can we kind of do it on RIU by being on at the same time sending messages back and forth???
    Hello GoldenGanja13, I have not forgotten about my reading. I am trying to catch you online on RIU. If you are like me you have no specific times when you log on, but if there is a certain time let me know. I am even willing to make an appointment with you to sign onto RIU at a certain time if that is convenient for you. Thank you so much for considering this odd request.
    hey whats up i wanted to ask ya when ya get a chance take a look at my grow thread. its labeled my first real grow socal style! In the outdoor section thanks a lot!
    ah alrighty then. I just wanted to double check. I will still flush though.. but since I'm using all organics now, I won't flush as long as I have had to in the past. I'll probably flush during the final week of flowering.. just give plain water the last week. Like I said, I'm so use to having to flush.. I might as well play it safe with the organics even.. and flush during the last week. Like I said, 'Better safe than sorry'. ;)

    Anyhow, thanks for the input/advice. Clean your INBOX.. btw.

    I've got one afghani #1 from Sensi Seeds and then I have an experimental strain that is not yet available to the public. Basically, its Pandora's Box crossed with 'Blue Kush' and an 'Ice Berry'... which I have named her "Pandora's Kush Berry'. I have to say.. she's a very short plant by nature.. though she would have gotten a little taller if I would have transplanted her into a bigger pot once she started flowering.. but I didn't. But now I know what these genetics are capable of.. and I know what to expect the next go around with this strain. Very impressed btw.. very very impressed. Even though she's a short plant (under 12" tall) - she's very very dense and thick and full.. and the quality of the buds I believe are going to be extraordinary IMO.

    Anyhow, so flushing isn't necessary when using all organics?
    hey whats up well my grow is going great i had to bend the plants over they got 20 inchs tall. its ben 3 weeks budding. so when do i harvest. should i do it when they hairs turn red or check they crystals with magnifine glass to see if they crystals are round at the top. so ya i dont now so what have u ben growing i ben trying to find some good seeds but they are all out it pissing me off. can u give me some good pointers on good seed like wich ones to get that are in stock right now. and when does attitude get there seeds in stock. so ya i will try to get u some pics. they are looking very frosty hahha. so ya need some good seeds so hit me up.
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