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  • Hi GrizzlyAdams I'm new here and i was basically wondering if its ok with you to let me translate your Guide to Pulverizing Pests and publice it in another site in my country so everybody can learn?
    HEy grizzly im new to this... but i just have a question.....i have a plant that is still nugging and it will be done in a week or so.... i just woke up this morning to find little turds all over my plant....i searched for worms or caterpillars or something but i could only find 2 tiny spiders... got any ideas of what it could be?
    hello grizzly, i just got some clones about 14 inches 3 days ago, and today i seen some spider mites. i thought the clones looked alittle sick, but not bad, maybe lack of nutrients, but its spider mites. should i just thrown them away and clean the room and start over, im a patient, i am about quality for my meds. please help
    hey grizzly- read your thread on pests, and it helped me recognize the ones i'm suffering from, aphides and whiteflies, but i'm 6-7 weeks into flowering and donno if i can use pesticide so late and not make the buds unusable... would really appreciate your help
    Hahaha, that was a serious curbstomp wasn't it? I laughed out loud, glad to hear you're on the "new soil inside" bandwagon.
    Oops - You haven't done your reading. Doesn't inspire me to do work to help you out.
    Legalizeitcanada - Glad to hear it! Thanks for the well wishes and good luck in the future!
    Hey GrizzlyAdams.....I just wanted to thankyou for the help with my plants....worked beautifully and was a warm welcome to RIU....gunna do my best to pass it on and submitt as much good info as I can to RIU....once again thanks!!..wishin ya copious crops bro...
    Mailbox is full sir.

    Here's my message:
    Alright. I'm makin my other pot now. I'm gonna have too
    for 3. I'll do the white and blue widows and one of the oranges when it gets here.

    So I use about a 70/30 mix of FF and perlite? Dig out a hole big enough for the plug. I assume the top of the plug is even with the surface right? Make sure my soil is watered. Do I throw it under the light yet?

    LOL at cockholster. Hahahaha. That's awesome. Seriously tho, what a doosh
    So I'm thinkin of starting a new grow with 4 plants. Gonna go with 2 more cheese and 2 lsd. I have a small closet, maybe 4 feet wide and 1 foot deep. I'm growing with cfls. Got 2 that are 105w (400w) equivalent and an 85w (350w) equivalent. The 2 105w are 5000k 6200 lumens. The 85w is 3000k 4200 lumens. I still plan to go all fox farm, (soil and the nute trio pack. gonna keep them on an 18/6 cycle for 5 months then a 12/12 cycle till the end. I'm willing to wait for a grand yield. Does this sound like a good plan to you?
    Hey Griz, I just looked at your bug thread and I have a question about spider mites. I am 30 days into flowering 25 hogs how do I get rid of them?
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