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  • I'm sorryif I offended you. I did not mean to but you have to admit you killed a lot of pot on that post. I really wasn't trying to be an ass. Good luck and my the shwartz be with you.


    How would i bring the ph in the water down? I ve been using just tap water but know ive boiled the water first and then water them (not at boiling temp , room temp) lol how would i be able to bring to6.5or 7 like u said ? Thanks btw and i just got that lamp today PS SRY IF I MAKE DOUBLE THREADS OR WHATEVER NEW TO THIS SO PLEASE JUSTT BARE WITH ME THTANKS AGAIN
    hello. i sent you a friend request. im new to this forum stuff so i dont know if i should post pics in here. i have 4 thc bomb seedlings and they are stretching like you said. they are in my journal also in my signature on forums. hoping this wont be an issue if i am using clones eventually.
    I just posted some this morning, sunday. under the heading thc bomb and caramelicious under indoor growing. If you do a tag search you can find other pics too.
    yo I like the pvc fence post idea..... im shooting for a setup just like that one..... nice. looks like a complicated process for newbies and cutting corners and making leaky equipment. I need your advice on a layout for my own room.
    Hey man just read your note. I have been keeping journals for a few years both photo and written. What are u curious about, I am a legal grower and use medical pot only and have been growing for a few years. Let me know what your interest r and I'm posting more pics right now. Peace Flowerman.
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