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  • Yup, my supplies all come from online shopping.
    Show me some pics of the S. Cough when you can, I'll help you determine if it really is!
    And it's pretty easy to mix your own soil, just get some quality potting soil(not potting mix) perlite, and sphagnum peat moss for a simple mix.
    Use 60% potting soil, 30% perlite, and 10% peat moss...maybe even add a little building sand, worm castings, or bat guano...
    lol...You know that the bulbs don't work by themselves right!? Do you have a ballast, cause a full system will run you $150-$250, and they are not available here...
    ERC is the only place that has anything hydro, but the are extremely over-priced, and I would use them as a last resort...I got my stuff online, If you don't have access to online shopping, then it'll be virtually impossible to get a 400W HPS Grow light system...
    MG kind of sucks, I'd mix my own soil...
    BTW, where'd you get strawberry cough?
    Ummm, Ebb N' Flow would be a good place to start, but after you gain some indoor experience! It's a lot more difficult than outdoor growing! And costs a whole lot more! So get everything you need before you pop a few seeds! And how many plants were you thinking of doing indoor?
    What do you think of the video. Its something basic. Would that be a good way to start off after i get some grows down with soil indoor? Hyroponicly speaking?
    I wouldn't attempt a hydro setup until you have and know EVERYTHING you need to know!
    You'll need A LOT of equipment, some more expensive than others...and if you are unable to shop online, it'll be virtually impossible to get exactly what you need, believe me, I've looked! Hydro will be difficult to most newb growers and it will require a lot of know-how and constant maintenance! Try soil for the first few grows while you gather everything you need!
    One of the first rules about growing...DONT TELL ANYONE THAT YOU CAN'T TRUST 100%!
    Yup 8 years growing on Guam, I've done almost every method there is, every technique mastered...but I don't grow to sell, it's usually just me and my boys ya' know! lol
    Were you thinkin' of doing soil indoors?
    im 22. Why?
    Dang 8 yrs? On guam?
    Well im a fast learner. I've built a lil grow box befor. It was pretty legit. But i didnt have a room at the time and had to many fam. kom'n over, so i went bak outside. But 2 yrs ago and up to now, ppl who i thougt wer da homies turnd on me n started jackn me. it took me till recently to finally realize it was those fools. so now ima try a more secure way. i moved into an extention and hopefully it goes well. i think i got to really work with the sollution mixing part. i think dat would prolly be most difficult
    I've been here all 22 years of my life! Outdoor eh, well I've been doing indoor growing for 8 years, and I've learned pretty much everything there is to know, and 1 thing I did learn was that it takes A LOT to start a successful indoor crop, knowledge and money wise!
    nice to meet you jah.,,,I used cfl's,,prolly 5-6 26 and 43 watt to just get it started it,,,and a 400 watt hps to finish the grow and flower it
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