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  • where can I get lime and how much do I give the plant? good information, I should go natural before I pump it with nutes
    Yo dont worry about co2 it wont help unless u have everything else down to a system.
    no i dont have a hydro store anywhere even close. the closest store i have from me is homedepot but none of their shit will be good. the new soil i am using now has seem to be great within the last 48 hours it have doubled its size.
    5.5-6.5 I think for ur pH and you should get some better nutrients. Dont use foxfarm their shit will burn your plants. U gotta hydro store new you??
    ok well i transplanted it yesterday with just top soil and it has grown over an inch just over night. i think i fixed my problem. my next i will take the time and get some foxfarms ocean forest and do it right. i have been using some tomato fert thats 8-5-5 and used probably 1/5 strength and seems not to hurt the plant so i think its doing the job. a few of the leaves tips have been burnt i think it was fert burn from the other soil or that shit was too acidic but anyways the new stuff seems to be alot better but it also clumps alot. what should my ph range be in for the soil.
    Yea soil with no additives is better thats what I use.

    And yes ur pH is good.

    Take your pot size and add about 3 times the amount of water, theres gonna be alot of runoff. If you can get some better soil and transplant. As for nutes I use the Technaflora BC Grow 1-3-6 and BC Boost 3-0-2 those 3 numbers dont seem to mean shit you need a TDS (total dissolved solids)/ppm (parts per million)/ec (electroconductivity) meter so you know how the nutrients effect your water
    also i dont have a ph tester thats works well the one i have now isnt very accurate the water i put in the plant is slitly under 7 which is good from what i understand, i think the soil i used wasn't the best idea i think its soo much or too little of the proper feed, i should have used soil with no additives, also please give me a few tips on this should i flush it on its next watering?
    its very light light yellowing i think its nitrogen i added 1/2 of the fert i was suppose to. the number were 8-5-5 think that will be ok?
    Not sure if the yellowing is from heat. If its too hot ur plants should wilt and droop. You really need to get some pictures but yellowing on the bottom most leaves means its not getting enough light or nitrogen deficiency. I have a very healthy plant and the bottom leaves are yellowing and i pick them off cuz they dont get enough light. But i dont think ur plant is big enough for that to happen but then again you are using cfls
    yea i moved them to to about 3inches away due to heat.some of the leaves started to get a little yellowing edges on the 1st leaves and didint seem to be doing to well soo i clipped them i heard thats the best thing to do was it?
    dont worry about the leaves unless they change color or die. dont raise the lights, CFLs are really weak u need to keep them close. Put your hand on top of ur plant and if ur hand starts to get too hot then yes move the lights up. I see many grows with the leaves almost touching the lights
    its starting to get better, also its growing more i put a 2700k 42w bulb in there as well and made reflectors out of soda cans. its doing pretty good some of the leaves feel pretty dry and the soil is still moist should i raise the lights?
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