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  • Babe, you're the lick! Literally!! To think how much life can change in a quarter of a year. Your Nakki loves you !! :) Xxx
    I realised I was old when my friends in their 20's had to teach me how to use my i-phone. You washed your phone? Damn! I've done that b4 but now I just launder paper!! :)
    Not so much knowing what to do mate, I learnt the hard way, I tried to help my bro get things going, same sort of set up minus the extra hps, we grew blueberry cheese, 9 fem seeds, all went well until flower, they just stretched and competed for light, consequently the end result was 3&1/2 oz!!! Disaster! Then after visiting an old friend, saw his set up, got some clones and now growing banging weed successfully, I have to say mate, save your dough and improve your set, forget auto's, get indoors and earn some dough, as well as having a nice piece of Percy. Defo go hydro too, my pot planted mother of the same age got blown away when it came to growth, also deficiencies, I've not had any( fingers crossed) through your girl looked happy and well, nothing can compete with outside light. Though inside you can grow all year round.
    the tent and hydro will get next year, but mine was just grown outside, started in kitchen window at first, have made a little grow room,
    reading up on the feeding and nutes, you sound like you now what your doing, my first plant is almost done so will be able tell you how much i get of her when she cut, dried and cured, buds are small but for my first plant im happy, got ideas, like the 4 clones i got going to keep them small this time, as im trying indoor while the weather is cold, but its the feeding im having probs with, not much money so got mostly doff feed and seaweed feed
    Indoors mate, I have a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m grow tent, a 1m x 1.2m NFT hydro system, 2x 600w hps dual spectrum,a 6" 600 cfm exhaust fan with a rhino filter, a 5" 350 cfm intake from a window, 12" oscillating fan to move air and 2x 6" clip ons attached to my lights, and a 9" fan to move air over the canopy and finally digital thermometer placed halfway up the tent but I made a shade so radiant heat doesn't affect it. This is my first go,but I copied my brothers set up and have his girls, which are a sativa Dom hybrid called shiva. His average yield is 500-750g of bone dry bud, high grade. How about you mate? I'll add to my journal some more pics later as I have to change water today, the nutes I use are growth technology ionic, veg hard water, bloom hard water and boost, I change water every 4 days, the reservoir is a 100 litres, they use about 15 litres a day, let know about your set please mate, thanks
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