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  • Hey bud, was wondering if you knew more about the Trueberry strains growth pattern etc. or any info. Just planted and popped one seed. Thank you.
    Spoke to you just 3 weeks ago..... I'm at a loss of words Lumi~ God damnit,,,,,,... See you on the flipside my fellow fallen green brother~

    My friend kite high / illumination / max died today.
    I'm glad your pain is over.
    ill see you on the other side.
    RIP bro.....
    First grow. Hydro. Wondering about light schedule. Running Critical Kush. Is 12/12 the best to go with being my first time? Wondering about stretch also. Should I let them get about a foot tall before flowering or should I flower a little shorter. I can't get any taller than 2.5 feet. 250 watt HPS. RH stays around 40. They are around 6.5 - 7 inches tall, 10 inches wide tip to tip, working on their 7th or 8th node. Thanks for any help and info.
    You might have changed my mind tho, maybe ill try some barneys and see. everyone shits on greenhouse, yet my greenouse plants are dank as hell. maybe ill have to prove this one for myself.
    Ive been disapointed in every barnys bag ive ever bought. i hate sweet tooth. its popular with teenage girls, as it has no high, and tastes like shugar. derrys weed tastes great, but lame highs, at least for me. everyone reacts different to different things. my buddy cant smoke kush or he gets paranoid. I guess its a personal thing.
    Ive heard utopia is highly unstable. and all the hype ive heard about lsd, i tried some, on of my friends got a 5 pack. one of the worst ive even had, and normally his bud is almost as good as mine(which is dank as hell, ) he couldnt sell any of it, had to give away all of it, and even got complaints. it was so bad people were throwing it out. and ive heard some scary shit about the violater kush. i might try a barneys for shits, but if it dosent sell, i guess ill make hash with it
    I didnt meant to offend, calling derry a queer. i meant weirdo. my parents frequently used the word queer when discribing weird things or even people.. im a half jew half irish, i have no right to say anything to anyone. respect thy neihbour. thats my belief. ive just seen the worst of the worst reviews about barneys. and i was talking to a coule guys today about his stuff, everyone said stay away. And these are 3 guys who have meen doing this for years.. i trust when they say they have tried, and proved a stain is garbage.
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