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  • your inbox is full again hahah
    @Don Gin and Ton - back on RIU mate, was hoping to see ya, been living in barcelona for past few years, got out the shit tip... cant believe this is over 10 years old now, time fucking flies, just really hoping and praying your okay man.
    hey long time ive had some luck but now im going outside with my new stuff thanks maybe we can meet some day im looking for some good seeds
    aye i know who does mate im on me arse till i get the crop sorted which will be a day or 2 before xmas.

    if i get offered owt afore then ill shout ya
    Sorry for messaging you like this but i saw your post on a thread looked at ur grow and deduced that you know what your doing :) My question is right now im doing a small stealth cab grow and like newb would i bought a 400 watt hps lamp today to test it out i had it on for an hour with vent fans on and temps rose to 124F Fuck my life. Any way so i decided to do cfl's for veg and use my 400 watt for flower. Wat do you think? at the flower stage the 400 will be in a dif room where temps will be normal . Also i was going to start with three seeds and was wondering how 10, 23 watt cfl's sound for that? And i was also wondering do i really need nutes? id rather not cuz well moneys a bitch right now after i wasted my money on the HPS.. would tiger bloom during flower be enough? And if i do the cfls wat do u think i should use for light schedule for veg? 24/0 or 18/6? Thanks so much
    -A newb
    Strain is DNA - Purple wreck


    I have a complete grow thread on it. Raiderman has a grow on it too, take a look mate.
    firstly wtf is that about VVV.... ?!?! alreet fella aye i got a tent about 9 months back n havent looked back best investment of my life!!! how tricks man?
    Will u just fuck of ya fucking puff, you go on about some 9 yr old sucking your dick you fukin pedo then you ask if i wanna see a vid of you...

    Why haven't the mods banned you yet
    hey i was wondering if u could help me out what does the molassas do for the plants?
    hey man, thanks 4 the reply. i only have a 10 15 10 fert. but, i heard N was no good for the budding stage? you think i should give her some?
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